New Year 2019: Best 10 Places in the World to Celebrate

Either because of their jaw-dropping celebrations and fireworks, their romantic atmosphere or their prime parties some cities in the world are in everybody’s New Year’s Eve destination wishlist.  

If you’ve always wanted to give a memorable welcome to the New Year, at Bonzah we’ve chosen top 10 world destinations to get you inspired. From fireworks blasting across breathtaking backdrops to cheerful street parties in cool capitals or blissful beaches, there are many amazing ways to say hello to 2019!


Sydney, Australia, of course is the first major international city to greet the New Year at midnight. We bet that you’ve watched amazed the major fireworks display that takes place at Sydney Harbour with the Opera House and Harbour Bridge! Can you think of a more spectacular backdrop? 

Besides, as summer is just starting there visitors can take advantage of the city’s beaches, where they mingle with locals and join in their festive and cheerful atmosphere. Bronte, Manly and the famous Bondi beach are amongst the most popular ones. 

Whether you enjoy the fireworks from a boat you hire or from an outside table from a restaurant by Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney is one of the best destinations in the world to say hello to 2019.


Over the last years Dubai has become a top destination to celebrate New Year’s Eve and the attention-grabbing skyscraper the Burj Khalifa is, obviously, where the most amazing firework shows are held. 

Dubai welcomes the New Year with tens of explosive firework shows that can be admired either from public spaces or from any of the various skyscrapers that tower over the city and where parties are held.  

It’s an exotic and glamorous destination that is proud of its cosmopolitan atmosphere. The city offers multiple attractions that are worth enjoying, there are impressive shopping malls with the top brands and the food scene is amazing. 

New York 

Times Square in Manhattan is probably the most representative symbol of New Year’s Eve not only in the United States but also across the world. Who hasn’t seen at least on TV the big shining  ball dropping over the heads of hundreds of people as they count down to welcome the New Year?  

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in New York is the event of a lifetime. And Times Square is not the place where celebrations take place: Grand Army Plaza, just off Prospect Park in Brooklyn, welcomes visitors and locals with spectacular fireworks and lots of fun in a show that all the family can enjoy. If you are at least 21 you can head to Resorts World Casino and be part of a traditional and fantastic party!  

If New York is a major tourist destination all year round, it is even more attractive around New Year’s Eve. With people from all over the world enjoying the festive atmosphere, dazzling fireworks, cocktail parties that take place all around town at lounges and bars like Tuti, and people gathering together under the frigid weather, you won’t be bored in New York!


Fireworks over the river Thames with the Big Ben and the London Bridge as backdrop are a charming way of welcoming the New Year. London is always mentioned as a people’s favorite travel destination again and again, but it’s especially attractive around New Year’s Eve. 

London is glamorous, chic and romantic and it is a great place to welcome the New Year. Fans of the British Royal Family can visit sites such as Kensington Palace where Queen Victoria was born. You can also visit any of the traditional English pubs and enjoy a beer or fish and chips as you watch the fireworks! 

Londoners know how to have a great time and visitors can expect lots of parties going on at hipster bars, cruises along the Thames and even at the Natural History Museum, that hosts a traditional annual dance party!

Turks & Caicos

Turks & Caicos is a Caribbean achipelago that has been off the radar of tourists and can be a perfect quiet secluded space where to celebrate New Year’s eve especially if you are not into massive celebrations. 

Turks & Caicos invite you to relax, enjoy the warm turquoise waters and take long walks along white-sanded beaches. Tempting, right?

Visiting this destination with your family is definitely a great idea! Beaches are safe and spacious and there are many modern and comfortable resorts that offer attractive amenities for everybody to enjoy. 

If Turks & Caicos is your destination for New Year’s Eve, you’ll be able to embrace the Junkanoo festival. It’s a cultural procession of masqueraders dancing to the rhythm of drums and other native instruments.


Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Paris, with fireworks over the Seine and the Eiffel Tower shimmering in the night sky can be a wonderful romantic experience. Paris is one of the European capitals that most visitors attract from all around the world and it seems to become even more attractive around New Year. Whether you book a room in a hotel with a front-row view to the Eiffel Tower or you stay in a hotel in the outskirts of the city and drive your rental car to Paris to join the festive atmosphere, the French Capital is one of those cities where you just have to celebrate New Year once in your life!

Those looking for charming experiences should definitely venture to Champs-Élysées, where the French celebrate at large with a spectacular light show and fireworks around the Arc de Triomphe. 

Cape Town

Situated in South Africa, Cape Town is a beautiful city that becomes even more spectacular with all the New Year’s Eve fireworks! Cape Town is for many the main entrance door to the African continent and it seduces visitors with delicious food, great wine and diverse cultural offerings.

Cape Town is also one of the safest places to take children to celebrate New Year’s Eve. They’ll be able to be part of a festive atmosphere, enjoy dance and music shows as the city hands out free location-assist bracelets for you and your little ones.  


Edinburgh, the Scottish capital, takes celebration seriously and this is particularly true around New Year’s Eve. Celebrations kick-off with the famous three-day Hogmanay extravaganza on 30 December with a Viking-stye torchlight procession along the Royal Mile. On the Big Night you can expect free concerts, spectacular midnight fireworks and live music! 

Scottish pubs are usually crowded these days as, blame it on the weather, it can be too cold, too rainy or just to uncomfortable to be outside


Disney is definitely the best excuse to visit Orlando. Stunning amusement parks, a spectacular parade and fireworks every night of the year only mean that things are better, more spectacular and extra jaw-dropping during the holidays. If you’re lucky to celebrate New Year’s Eve at Disney, get ready to enjoy themed parties, special menus and many events at restaurants throughout the parks. Of course, you’ll be able to take pictures with all your favorite characters!

Needless to say, the main attraction is the countdown to Midnight on December 31. It’s a massive and joyful soiree with cocktails in the Fantasi Ballroom, special shows at restaurants, live bands and, of course, a champagne toast under the fireworks! 

St Barth’s

If you’re one of those that loves escaping the cold and snow during the holidays, why don’t you welcome the New Year in the glamorous, exclusive and romantic setting of St Barth’s? This Caribbean jewel is a delightful place to visit in December and a favorite spot to celebrate New Year’s Eve. There are great parties celebrated at the various resorts, fireworks over the beach and ultra chic celebrations that take place at the top hotels in the area. 

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