You may have recently caught wind of the cannabidiol (CBD) craze in North America. Whether it’s your grandma treating her arthritis pain, your neurotic best friend reducing their anxiety or your cool aunt giving it to her kid for ADHD, many folks across the board are finding a use for this amazing compound. Whether or not you can find a personal use for it, it’s worth knowing what it’s all about to keep up with the times. This article will deliver a basic overview of uses, misconceptions and consumption methods pertaining to CBD. 

Does CBD Get You High?

CBD Dominant – This is usually the first question that people ask, and the answer is no CBD by itself will not get you high. While it is derived from cannabis, vendors are increasingly offering CBD dominant products with virtually no THC content. This way, if you experience feelings of lethargy or dysphoria when you consume THC, you can still derive the benefits of CBD without the aforementioned side-effects.  

CBD Rich – CBD rich cannabis typically contains equal parts CBD and THC. That way, if you respond well to the effects of THC and enjoy a calm sense of wellbeing and mild euphoria, you can also derive the dual benefits of CBD. If you want to treat pain or anxiety and still head into work, it’s wise to have some CBD dominant on hand to avoid workplace incompetence. 

You can find these CBD-rich strains wherever they sell the best weed near you. For instance, for those in the DC area, the provider Purple Penthouse could be worth a visit (; it’s a great site to get you started and yes, they deliver.

How Do You Consume It? 

CBD can be consumed the same way as regular pot (by smoking it), and by oil products that can be ingested. As cannabis products are becoming legal in certain states and provinces, upscale vendors such as Olli Brands are offering CBD teas, gourmet edibles and flavourless additives that can be consumed in a healthy manner that doesn’t damage your lungs. So, the answer to this question is: any number of ways, whatever suits you.  

Can It Help Me? 

While medical tests are still underway to provide more evidence, early studies suggest that CBD can effectively reduce chronic pain, anxiety, depression, epilepsy and ADHD. Some CBD users have observed that it simply relaxes them, which can relieve pain caused by tension, compulsive thought patterns that get in the way of a healthy engagement with the world. 

A Natural Remedy to Displace Big Pharma

Current statistics indicate that a massive portion of the population is on medication for depression or anxiety. While these medications effectively suppress these terrible psychological conditions, there is a wide range of undesirable side-effects. CBD is a compound derived from a plant and changes your overall brain chemistry and personality less than powerful pharmaceutical drugs. There are still potential side-effects, so talk to your doctor before you decide to try it out. 

The Science

While CBD works on several different parts of the brain and body, the most commonly recognized benefit is the activation of the 5HT-1A serotonin receptor, which combats anxiety and reduces pain perception. Because of all the buzz around CBD treatment, there is a huge amount of literature out there on how it works.

For those who have frustrating obstacles such as pain and anxiety preventing them from being present with their families, performing at work or enjoying weekends and vacations, CBD may present an attractive alternative to pharmaceuticals. Talk your doctor today and research quality cannabis vendors in your city. 

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