Methods to File an Insurance Claim for Roof Storm Damage

If a storm damages your roof, making a home insurance claim as soon as possible is essential. If you don’t, the harm might worsen, forcing you to pay for repairs with your own money. However, filing too many claims can drive up your insurance rates or even get you dropped by the company. If you file many claims, such as water damage or roof repairs, the insurance company may raise your rates or deny your coverage.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Contact your insurance company immediately after a wind or hail storm. It will help expedite the process of submitting a claim and limit back-and-forth between you and your insurer. You may also speak with your homeowner’s insurance agent to learn more about your policy’s terms and the damages it covers. It will help you avoid filing a roof insurance claim that your policy doesn’t reimburse fully.

In addition, read through your deductibles to ensure you understand them and that they are reasonable for the repairs required. Once you’ve decided to file a roof damage insurance claim Elmhurst IL, it’s essential to take steps to document the damage. Please take photos of the dents from hail or water stains on your roof, and note what caused the damage and when it occurred.

Take Photos

One of the best ways to document roof damage is to take photos. Make sure to capture a picture of the obvious, like the roof and any areas affected by the damage (like the attic). Consider using a ladder or drone camera for a more realistic view of the damage. In the long run, this visual proof can help you save money and offer your insurance company an advantage when settling your claim. However, getting your crew on board with the proper way to take pictures for documentation can be challenging. Here are four key elements to remember as you set about the task: Photo policies, storage, organization, and communication. The right mix of these can go a long way to help you save money, time, and headaches in the future. 

Hire a Public Adjuster

When property damage occurs, homeowners often need to file an insurance claim. The public adjusters will survey the damage, comprehensively review your claim, and recommend a fair payout to cover repairs and replacement costs.

File a Claim

You must immediately file an insurance claim if your roof sustains storm-related damage. It will help ensure you receive compensation for any repair or replacement costs. To maximize the value of your claim, take pictures and record the date the damage happened. It will help the insurance company verify your claim by demonstrating the recentness of the damage. A well-maintained asphalt shingle roof should last 12 to 15 years. However, severe storms can quickly shorten the lifespan of a quality roof and cause it to need repair or replacement. Take pictures of the whole roof and any other storm-affected areas to ensure they will pay for the necessary repairs. You can also include interior damage as part of your claim.

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