Dayanna Volitich on How A Good Education Can benefit a Country

Learning is how most people around the world progress in life. A commitment to learning and quality education really is the determining factor in getting people to progress to better quality lives.

But it is not easy. Different people have different ideas about education and its value. In many countries getting a job early so you can help the family earn money is thought to be a more worthwhile pursuit than burying your head in books. Working brings immediate results, while education takes lots of time before fruit will grow. But when fruit does grow from a good education it is typically much more abundant than if you had started working early and abandoned your education.

Students like Dayanna Volitich know that a good education provides great personal benefits for individuals. Better educated people make better long and short term decisions. They have a better and more positive outlook on life. They manage their emotions better and have healthier relationships. And they feel greater satisfaction with their jobs. These benefits that are common across borders and styles of societies speak to the power of a good education, and there are additional benefits that are delivered to the society as well. Here are two of the top benefits a country gained when their citizens become better educated.

Crime Goes Down

When people are poor and cannot make ends meet, they have few options. You can be sure if this is the scenario in a place, the crime rates will be high. Poor people have limited options for getting themselves out of financial difficulties and crime for them is often a viable option. Additionally poverty and ignorance is often the foundation for despair and depression. These conditions also lead to higher drug use which causes people to commit crimes. When a society is educated, their options for employment increase and the types of jobs they can do pay much more. They also have tools that can use to understand their situations and know that crime will only make your problems worse not better.

Poverty is Reduced

A core benefit of having an educated society is that Poverty is greatly reduced. He world today is quickly shedding lower paying factory worker type jobs. These jobs are for the very lightly skilled and even thought they were never high paying, they did provide basic income for many poor families. With a good education, families can secure more income, better quality jobs and work in those jobs for longer. Many countries today encourage local and foreign investment in sectors that offer high paying jobs. These jobs require a good high level education and as a result can lift those in poverty to the middle class.

Children of Educated People Do Better

The benefits of a quality education are generational. The children of those with a good education also do much better in life compared to the kids of those who have not received a good education. The reasons are the household in which each set of kids is raised is very different. The one with the well-educated parents will generally have a positive outlook on life, while the on with less educated parents will likely have a pessimistic outlook. Kids buy into what they see and hear and will respond to their home environment.



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