Sono Bello Can Easily Trim Years off Your Looks

Just because you’re 50 certainly doesn’t mean you have to act like you’re 50, and it definitely doesn’t mean you have to look like you’re 50, either. After all, age is a state of mind. That’s why so many women are tapping into the power of cosmetic surgery. Companies like Sono Bello in Chicago, which has received glowing employee reviews on RealSelf, perform numerous procedures each day to help women to turn back the clock at least a decade, maybe two.

A woman who recently benefited from cosmetic surgery — specifically, a facelift, is 54-year-old Shirley. Shirley said that before the surgery, she hated looking at her neck in the mirror. She felt that she was growing jowls and that a double chin had started to form. That’s when she said that enough was enough and sought the advice of a cosmetic surgeon.

Her cosmetic surgeon suggested that she undergo a facelift and created a personalized plan for her procedure. This truly impressed Shirley, as she felt connected to her doctor through their one-on-one session. Another thing that impressed Shirley about the process is how her doctor made it clear that the goal was not for Shirley to look different. Instead, the aim was for her to look younger and better.

According to Shirley, her cosmetic surgeon achieved the goal — and more.

Shirley explained that she thought the procedure would trim 10 years off her appearance, but she thinks she got closer to two decades off. As a result, these days, she is constantly being told how much younger, more joyful, and alive she looks. More people are turning their heads toward her and doing a double-take to check her out.

You may be eager to reclaim your younger-looking self this year, and it is more than possible thanks to today’s cutting-edge cosmetic surgery procedures. With the right procedure, you can be well on your way to looking and feeling fresher and happier from one day to the next.

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