Coolest things to see and do in Alberta

There are many cool things that attract travellers to Alberta every year. Sitting at the doorstep of the Canadian Rockies, there are plenty of active folks who jump at the chance to hike and camp in some of the most beautiful places on Earth.

It is home to dynamic cities filled with young people who demand innovation and fresh concepts. And with marijuana legalization coming up on July 1st, it is a place where visitors and Canadians alike can light up a joint without fear of being fined or arrested.

With plenty of growers already possessing the license to grow medical cannabis, the expertise is there, making it likely the grass will be of high quality.

Looking for specific cool things to see and do in Alberta? Read on below, and you’ll have all the information you’ll need to plan the trip of a lifetime.

1) Hike to the tea houses near Lake Louise

Love to go for nature walks? There are numerous options available for hiking enthusiasts in Alberta’s Rocky Mountain parks (Banff and Jasper), but if you are looking to take a day hike that you’ll remember for a long time to come, we suggest trekking the tea house circuit.

Linking two cabins located on the Plain of Six Glaciers and at Agnes Lake, this path will take you alongside world famous Lake Louise before it elevates you high above it. Peaks, cliffs, glaciers, and debris fields left over from the Ice Age will surround you until you arrive at the tea houses.

Famed for their chocolate cake, cookies, and tea, they will provide the perfect treats to appreciate some of Canada’s most epic scenery.

2) Take a helicopter ride over the Icefields Parkway

The Icefields Parkway is one of the most scenic drives in Canada and the world, and while you will certainly have an amazing time motoring down this deeply beautiful road, there’s so much more to the region that you simply can’t see from your car.

This is where heli tours come in – located just outside Banff National Park on the David Thompson Highway, Rockies Heli Canada takes you up into the air and over the wilderness and peaks where cars can’t go.

Isolated glacial lakes, glaciers, and waterfalls will become visible as you go, making it worth the money you’ll pay for this experience.

3) Tour the Badlands near Drumheller

Alberta’s coolness isn’t limited to the mountains – an hour and a half drive over flat prairie from Calgary will place you at the edge of the Red Deer River Valley. Here, you’ll peer down into starkly different landscape of hoodoos, canyons, and desert-like badlands terrain.

Many dinosaur fossils have been found here, giving rise to one of the world’s coolest museums on the subject, and there is also a massive old coal mine which offers tours of its above and below ground remains.


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