Weird, different, and cool things to discover on a trip to Tokyo

Of all the cities in the world, few (if any) are as unique as Tokyo. As the centre of a lighthearted, creative, forward-thinking culture, this city is crammed to the gills with unusual things to see and do.

If you have settled into your corporate serviced apartment in the heart of Tokyo that is trusted by multi-national corporations and human resource managers, you may be wondering which of these amazing attractions to see first after a long day of business meetings.

Below, we will discuss several weird, different, and cool things to do in Tokyo – just be sure to schedule them in your live calendar so you don’t forget about seeing them. Let’s get into it below…

1) Kabukicho Robot Restaurant

Robotics has gotten advanced these days, as machines appear ready to take over much of the work we do presently. The Kabukicho Robot Restaurant has taken this concept to the extreme, as the dancers which aim to entertain its clientele are all androids.

The entrance fee for this attraction is steep at over 8,000 yen, with the meal option costing 1,000 yen more, but if you want to see a show defined by robot cabaret dancers performing stunning numbers to the flash of neon lights, the price of admission will be worth it.

2) Anata No Warehouse

Ever wonder what it would be like to live in the world of Blade Runner? Wonder no more, as the Anata No Warehouse had provided an environment where this is possible. Patterned after Kowloon Walled City, a chaotic, decrepit apartment block which used to exist in Hong Kong, guests will feel like they have actually been transported back to this haven of seediness.

The designers went to great lengths to create as authentic an experience as possible – as you walk through the warehouse, you’ll find ads for dodgy dental and medical services and dripping rusted metal walls. Eventually, you’ll come to a parlour where you can play traditional arcade games or shoot some pool, but as you will soon appreciate, the journey to get there will be the highlight of your visit.

3) Ghibli Museum

If you have ever watched the critically acclaimed anime movie, The Ghost In the Shell, then you already know what a genius Hayao Miyazaki is. Even if you have never heard of him before, a visit to the Ghibli Museum should be on your list during your time in Tokyo.

Unlike most museums, which often end up being laid out as a series of disassociated exhibits, the Ghibli was constructed as if it is were a film, with a beginning, build up, climax, and a denouement.

Tickets are capped at 200 per day for non-Japanese visitors, and they often sell our several days in advance, so be sure to snag your tickets online or at a Lawson convenience store as soon as you arrive in Japan from Canada, or wherever you call home.

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