What Should You Do With an Old Cell Phone?


Research shows that vendors sell approximately 1.5 billion cell phones annually. While people buy phones for different reasons, from faulty batteries to getting new features and leveraging offers, the old one has to be disposed of. If you have a drawer of old cell phones, here are six clever and responsible ways to dispose of them.


Your old phone could earn money by selling it on eBay, Amazon, or ecoATM. While eBay and Amazon are well-known resale sites, you may wonder, what is ecoATM? It is a quick and convenient avenue for reselling your smartphone at competitive prices. Anything that fetches you a few bucks is welcome in the sluggish economy.


If you want a noble way to get rid of your old cellphone, consider donating it to a charity or nonprofit. These charities collect phones and donate to needy people around the world. Your drawer of junk phones can help fight spousal abuse by allowing victims to call for help when needed.

Trading In

When getting a new phone, consider trading in the old one. The value of your current phone is established, and you get cash or credit to fund your next device. It is a win-win situation and spares you the hassle of cell phone disposal. 


Perhaps your unused phone was a gift from someone special or a souvenir from your dream destination, and you are not ready to let go. You can repurpose the phone as an alarm clock, baby monitor, remote control, GPS, security system camera, or mp3 player. Save your phone battery when traveling by using your old phone as the GPS for a seamless experience.

Passing Over

Consider passing your relatively new phone to teens or tweens in your family. It’s an easy way to become a favorite auntie, uncle, or cousin. Also, the phone can be valuable for grandparents or persons requiring an emergency communication device.


If you search online for ecoATMs near me unsuccessfully, recycling your old cell phone can be an excellent choice. Electronics are hazardous when incorrectly disposed of because they contain toxins like lead and mercury and contribute to costly e-waste. Many tech companies and local communities are helping recycle electronics.

After buying a new phone, there’re many smart and environmentally friendly ways to do with your old phone. From donating to selling and recycling, don’t let your old phone gather dust in the bedroom drawer with its predecessors. Remember to delete your personal data from your phone before disposal.

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