What Is the Disney Vacation Club? What You Should Know


Families from more than 100 countries choose to enjoy the fantastic offerings of Disney Resorts. If you’re looking for the perfect annual family vacation, you may wonder, “What is the Disney Vacation Club?” Let’s find out.

Keep reading to learn more about the answer to the question, “What is the Disney Vacation Club?”

What Is the Disney Vacation Club?

At some point, you may have traveled to a Disney theme park. If so, you’ve most likely seen several advertisements for the Disney Vacation Club (DVC). If your family loves visiting a Disney property every year, Disney Vacation Club benefits may serve your needs well.

DVC is a timeshare program. It allows you to invest in a percentage of ownership in one of the many Disney theme park resorts. When you take advantage of the DVC investment opportunity, you get points that you can use every year toward your vacation.

Invest in a Lifetime of Great Memories

With DVC, you and your family can enjoy a magical vacation every year. Disney goes a long way to live up to this promise.

You can purchase anywhere from 150 to 325 Disney Vacation Club points at a time. In some instances, however, people eventually purchase even more points.

When you purchase points, you’ll receive preferential treatment at your home resort. You’ll get access to Disney Vacation Club member perks. In other words, you can book reservations at your home resort months ahead of other DVC members.

Disney Vacation Club Points

The Disney Vacation Club is among the most popular timeshares in the world. Many families—and even adult Disney fans—make an annual Disney vacation part of their lifestyles by joining DVC.

DVC is one of the first timeshare companies to adopt a points-based system. When you invest in DVC, you’ll receive your points as part of your timeshare contract.

If you decide to get out of timeshare, you should contact a good attorney to advice you on how to get rid of a timeshare legally.

You’ll choose how many points to purchase. This choice rests entirely on your vacation preferences.

There are several Disney theme parks located all over the world. Once you’ve purchased your points, you can use them at any of Disney’s resorts.

Get In on the Fun for Less!

You can save on annual trips to Disneyland by purchasing DVC resale points. Through resale, you can purchase DVC points for less. Likewise, you can sell your points quickly if you desire.

However, it’s vital to work with a well-trained and experienced DVC broker. A broker with a vast understanding of the DVC market can help you save anywhere from 10% to 50% on your points.

You can use your points at any of Disney’s resorts. You can also exchange points via Interval International to vacation in more than 80 countries.

If you want to browse DVC resale options, have a look at these DVC resale listings.

More Fun for You and Yours!

Now, you know more about the answer to the question, “What is the Disney Vacation Club?” More than likely, however, you have an interest in other awesome things to do with your family. We have answers.

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