Top Benefits of Pre-Rolled Infused Joints

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In 2020, pre-rolls sales in the United States grew 59%. So, why are so many consumers becoming interested in pre-rolls and more specifically infused pre-rolls? From users to sellers, there are plenty of benefits and that’s a win-win.

With consistently emerging delta 8 THC products, this one looks like it’s here to stay. Read on to find out more about popular marijuana products and what’s so special about pre-rolled infused joints.

Added Potency

Marijuana extracts are typically much stronger than buds. However, the bud is already strong on its own. This gives you the ability to increase the potency and the result is a better buzz or stronger high.

Tolerance is highly important to assess. These types of joints can be incredibly powerful and should probably not be finished in one sitting.

Improved Cost Value

For marijuana users, infusing cannabis joints gives them the opportunity to save. Because they are much more potent, one joint may last them a few days.

The issue for users is that buying concentrates can get quite pricey. Sellers can offer these products at an affordable price without losing profit.

Wider Variety of Cannabinoids

When you infuse a joint, you’ll get twice the cannabinoids. The concentration of THC, CBD, CBG, and other cannabinoids is dramatically higher.

This can result in what is known as the “entourage effect.” Some research shows that the combination of multiple cannabinoids is better than taking one alone. These compounds work together to create stronger and better effects.

Infusing joints can be a customizable process as well. This makes it easy for consumers to choose what effects they are looking for just as they choose a marijuana strain.


One obvious reason that pre-rolled joints are popular is that they are super convenient. Rolling joints takes at least some skill or practice that not everyone has achieved.

Beyond that, this is something that is messy and takes up time. For users on the go, pre-rolls are a no-brainer. As recreational marijuana becomes more prevalent, many people are taking it on the go as well.

Hard to Achieve at Home

Infusing joints is not all that simple, especially for those who haven’t done it before. For the consumer, this is a process they must undertake and pay for in time and money. As a seller, you can take the burden off the consumer with infused pre-rolls from companies like RollPros.

Again, this comes down to convenience. This is something that the consumer is willing to pay for. In addition, products to achieve this at home can be quite an investment that can turn users off.

Convenient and Smart: Pre-Rolled Infused Joints

Pre-rolled infused joints are convenient, cost-efficient, and more potent. Marijuana users get the effects that they want without breaking the bank. Sellers have the ability to offer a highly sought-after product that doesn’t reduce their own profits.

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