Top 4 camping spots in Australia

Thinking about exploring beautiful Australia? Don’t miss its top camping spots! Whether you like the ocean or the mountain, this huge territory has it all. From beautiful waterfalls to sandy dunes, each view is breathtaking. Here’s our personal selection of the best 4 spots to go on camping trips. If you’re traveling from abroad, look into the various Australian visa types before buying your flight.

An idyllic waterfall

If you are adventurous and enjoy pushing it to the limit, you should definitely visit the Mitchell Plateau (a 16-hour drive from Kununurra, WA). This vast open space can recharge your energies as you embark on a hiking trip to the Mitchell Falls. A 6-minute walk will take you to this amazing spot where you can relax to the sound of water. These falls are inside the National Park with the same name, which contains plenty of flora and fauna for you to observe. Bear in mind that Australia has plenty of wild remote locations like this one and you will need to boost your mobile phone connection anywhere.

Best views ever

Mount Kaputar National Park in New South Wales is a wildlife reservoir that is called an “island” as it emerges from the surrounding landscape as an island. You can hike to Mt Kaputar’s summit and get the best 360° views of all NSW. As high as 1510 m, this mount contains Dawsons Spring, a camping ground with the best views ever. Additionally, if you come looking for some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, then Australia is the right place to be.

The lowest camping area

If heights are not your cup of tea, you should visit Lake Eyre National Park in South Australia. This camping site is huge and it sits at 12 meters below sea level. It is the lowest point to camp in Australia. You can visit the bays of Halligan, ABC, and Muloorina.

This trip requires a 4wd, though. The best time of the year to visit is winter when the heat is not so strong and you can spend time exploring. Australia is a huge country and, just with the other destinations, you will need to boost your mobile anywhere you go.

Speaking of requirements, all camping trips require you to have a first aid kit, check the ifak contents list for the must have items. These are items you need incase of a medical emergency for yourself or a loved one.

Camp with friendly wombats

In Springlawn, inside of Narawntapu National Park in Tasmania, you can camp alongside the most amazing wildlife. Wombats, friendly creatures, spend a lot of time in the grasslands of the park. They are used to seeing humans who approach them for pictures. You should not feed or touch these animals under no circumstance. But you can observe them in their natural habitat. If you want to be close to wildlife this is your place. There are also wallabies and other animals. 

Australia has it all: long beautiful beaches, high mountains, deep lakes, and the most amazing wildlife. If you are going on a camping trip you can check other people’s reviews on Tourradar or you can just follow your guts and choose a random place. One thing is for sure, no place will disappoint you! 

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