5 Easy Day Trips from Paris, France

Paris, France is more than just the “city of Love”, as people around the world commonly refer to it. It is also home to stunning artwork, decadent food, historic architecture, and robust wines. Not to mention it is the home of the iconic Eiffel Tower and Da Vinci’s impressive painting of the Mona Lisa. 

But Paris should not be revered for just these reasons. This city also offers easy access to tons of nearby attractions within France. There are plenty of day trips you can make with the city of love as your reference point. 

Renting a car in Paris and exploring all that France has to offer is a common trend among travellers from around the world. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, check out these 5 easy day trips you can make from the heart of Paris. 


Travelling to Bruges isn’t the easiest day trip that Paris has to offer but it is well worth it. The charming historical town of Bruges, Belgium has been deemed a UNESCO World Heritage site. Exploring the quiet streets of the city will give you a chance to see architecture from as early as the 12th century. 

Bruges has served as home to some of the most famous painters in the world, including van Eyck and Bosch. So take a break from French culture for a day to eat Belgian waffles, drink Belgian beer, and most importantly indulge in Belgian chocolate. 

Champagne Region

You can’t leave France without spending at least a day exploring the Champagne Region. Since champagne is the main exported product from the country, you would be a disservice to yourself by not sipping on this bubbly beverage. When you take a day trip from Paris you’ll get the chance to see where Dom Perignon and Moet originated. 


This next day trip is ideal for history buffs, but everyone will appreciate a trip to Normandy. If you know nothing about D-Day, you’ll get a much-needed history lesson when you take a trip here. The popular sites to see in Normandy are Omaha Beach and Arromanches’ Harbour plus a few more; you can easily spend a full day before heading back to Paris. 


Visiting Versailles is the most popular day trip from Paris, and not just for its proximity. WIth its pristine gardens and lavish architecture, you won’t see anything quite like it. You can see how King Louis XVII and Marie Antoinette lived centuries ago. During a day trip here you’ll see everything from fancy sculptures to the hilarious Hall of Mirrors. 

Chablis & North Burgundy

France is home to some of the best wine in the world, and why do you think this is the case? The best wine can only come from the best vineyards, and there is no shortage of those in Chalis and North Burgundy. 

A trip here involves learning about wine making and even touring wineries in the area. Of course you’ll get to try a wide selection of wines throughout the day, so consider staying the night before heading back to Paris. 



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