5 Incredible Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

In 2021, realtors need to up their game in order to get ahead. The previous year has seen the housing market stagnate due to the global economic slump, with few signs that things will pick up outside of a few select prime markets in the year ahead. That’s why the best tips for real estate agents for the next 12 months all revolve around smarter, more competitive marketing.

If you are looking for marketing tips for real estate agents that will boost your sales and put you one step ahead of the competition, you have come to the right place. Read on to find out the best tips for real estate agents looking to market their properties in 2021. 

1. Stick to Social 

When it comes to marketing in 2021, following the latest social media marketing tips for real estate agents is crucial. The vast majority of real estate searches are now online, meaning that your social media presence is your most important asset when engaging your target audience.

Facebook marketing tips for real estate agents are key to this. You should have a detailed Facebook page set up with all of your listings on there, as well as a presence on Facebook Marketplace. Social media is also a way for clients to reach out to you via chat, as well as a way for you to announce promotions and freebies. 

2. Your Landing Page Matters

While social media is king, that does not mean you should neglect your website. Your social media and other advertising communications should direct people to your website’s landing page, where there should be a punchy call to action, such as an email signup button. When designing your site, you can keep costs and resources low by using WordPress real estate themes, which will give you a professional looking realtor website with minimal effort. 

3. Enhance Your Virtual Experience

The pivot towards remote, virtual real estate experiences will continue to gain momentum in 2021. That is why you should be prioritising virtual experiences for your clients. One of the best advertising tips for real estate agents for the year ahead is to include virtual, 360-degree house tours on your website. You should also be offering remote viewings via platforms such as Zoom and FaceTime. 

4. Local Search is Key 

It should come as no surprise that your target customers are likely to already be in your local area. That is why you should enhance your local SEO to ensure that your website is coming up first on Google search results for house hunters in your area.

This can be done by registering your business on Google My Business and Google Maps. You can also add local keywords to your website which include the geographical areas that you serve. 

5. Nurture Your Clientele 

Finally, it is important to use your marketing efforts to keep existing or previous clients in the fold. This mans sending out regular communications such as newsletters to clients on your mailing list.

It means checking in on those who have used your services but have perhaps not bought a house with you. If you can ensure that a client returns to you when they wish to sell their home, then you have a loyal customer for life. 

More Tips for Real Estate Agents

If you are looking for more tips for real estate agents to help your practice thrive in 2021, we have got you covered. For expert tips on business success, make sure to consult our comprehensive Money section for expert advice on levelling up your business in the year ahead and beyond. 

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