New York Family Balancing – Is Family Balancing a Good Option for You and Your Spouse?

Having a child is the most sacred and important thing couples can do in their lives and it needs to be taken seriously because the new life created is one that you will both be responsible for a long time.

When parents have children they are typically not in control of the outcome of the gender of the child and most parents seem to be happy with whatever gender the child happens to be. But there are some circumstances where the parents would love to have control over the gender of their child. Perhaps they want a girl for some specific reasons and would love to use methodologies to assist them in making sure that they do in fact have one. This is where family balancing comes in as an option.


Family balancing clinics are serving clients in in many cities around the world. One of the most prominent is in New York City. If you are interested in the topic and live in New York family balancing is something you might find fits your specific needs.


A Description of Family Balancing

The new branch of medical science called family balancing uses the latest specialized fertilization methods that offer parents an ability to pre-select the gender of their child. The process starts very early resulting in an embryo that is of the desired gender. The term family balancing relates to the fact that this methodology is often used to balance the number of boys or girls in a family with a gal of equal distribution of each. Some couples will also use family balancing to pre-select the gender of their first child, or ensure the specific genders of each of their children in the order they want.

The Benefits of Family Balancing

Those in the family balancing industry admit that the practice is controversial and attracts lots of scrutiny from many inside and outside of the medical community. There are those who do not like the idea of aiming for a specific gender child because this practice has been abused in the past in places like Chine. However what is not often discussed is how gender disappointment is an issue that affects many parents who want only a specific gender child. For them there needs to be an option and family balancing provides it.

Using family balancing parents can also have the exact amount of children they want.  Many couple do not get the gender of child they want and continue to have additional children sometimes leaving them with much bigger families than they had anticipated. In some cases, they never get the gender mix they want. Family balancing eliminates this possibility.

Family balancing also includes in-depth genetic disorder screening. Although this is separate issue from family balancing it is also an approach that removes the chances of a child with certain disorders, many of which might be more predominant in one gender.

Family balancing is a safe and proven procedure for selecting a child’s gender that needs to be made available to parents because it gives them the widest array of options for having children. Although the procedure is controversial, there is no doubt that it is being used to build happy and healthy families.


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