Trunk Briefs and Other Things Women Find Sexy about Men

Women find lots of things about men sexy and if you interview 100 women on the topic you will get many different answers about what they think is sexy in a man. There are also things that make women attracted to some men instead of others and that’s pheromones.¬†Luckily every man can get this edge, with websites such as selling high quality pheromone oils.

Smells aside, here a few of the things that the vast majority of women find sexy in a man.

Trunk Briefs

Men have a traditionally had two choices in term of underwear: briefs or trunks. Briefs are shorter fit more snug around the key areas and add support and lifting. Trunks are looser and allow a man to hang out a bit providing a more loose feeling. Men tend to land on one side or the other in terms of their taste of underwear. Either you are a briefs or a trunks guy.

Today however there is a third choice which is a hybrid called trunk briefs. These underwear have the snug fit that briefs guys love and the length and coverage that trunks guys find appealing. The result is a long length and snug underwear that has both types of underwear lovers purchasing them. The actual reason however might more be because women find trunk briefs the most attractive type of underwear. They come in many different lengths and specific styles and all of them are sexy. Women cannot seem to keep their hands off them or thinking about their men in them and guys seem really happy to comply making trunk briefs the top selling type of underwear.

A Little Muscle

Working out regularly has many great benefits including improved health and stress reduction. One huge benefit is also that it makes you look better to the opposite se. It might go back to a time when men were hunters and the strongest males were the most attractive to females for breeding purposes or it might be that is just looks so good, but whatever the reason, women love the look. You should aim to get toned muscles but not to overdo it because too many muscles can seems like you are too into yourself. And also, if you spend too much time in the gym she will think that you might not have any time for her. So get yourself toned a few hours a week and watch yourself get noticed more by more women.  

A Beard

Beards come and go and women seem to be the cause of their popularity when they become popular. We have gone through a period of the subdued and clean shaven male and is seems that this style has given rise to the opposite which is rugged and hairy men. This has put beards front and center and today many movie stars, popular athletes and other icons are sporting thick facial growths. Beards give men a chance to express themselves and to show their individualism. Because they can be varied by the same man, being worn short and neat or full and wild at different times, men can show their different moods and looks. Beards go well with many different looks including dress suits and hats and women cannot seem to get enough of them.


A confident man will always be sexy to a woman. Men who know how to lead and how to make tough decisions show a sense of certainty for what they want and women believe that this will help improve their lives and end up happy. Confidence comes from deep within and must be nurtured to grow and show itself easily. If you choose to focus on your confidence you will find that decisions become easier for you and that others will look to you when they have questions. Women will also lean on you more and accept your judgment, because they simply find confidence sexy.

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