Jason Proch – Best EPL Teams For Americans to Support

Ever since I arrived in America from the United Kingdom I have been trying to encourage my friends and colleagues to start following the wonderful English Premier League. So far I haven’t been too successful in my endeavors with the exception of my business partner Jason Proch who has now been completed converted to this wonderful league and sport. For any American sports fan out there who would like to support an English Premier League team, I wanted to offer you some suggestions as to what kind of team you may wish to pick, depending on your character.

The Glory Hunter – Manchester City

Manchester City are the team to beat right now, they have the most money, the best players and are certain to once again lift trophies this year. If you are the type of person who wants instant success and doesn’t appreciate the struggle, this is the team for you, a team who will give you pure pleasure for the foreseeable future.

The Optimist – Tottenham Hotspur

In a world of financial doping and clubs funded by oil-rich nations, Tottenham Hotspur are the perfect outsiders, a team which has been put together on a relative shoestring and who are regularly in the upper echelons of the league table. Unfortunately for Spurs fans the team are experts at losing out at the very last minute, so much so that Spursy is now a word for anyone who gets close, and then fails, perfect for the optimist.

The Person of Faith – Leicester City

Proof that miracles happen was seen in 2015/16 when Leicester City, a team who were 3 points from relegation the year before, shocked the world and lifted the Premier League title. Since then Leicester have become a beacon of hope for the downtrodden and a story of inspiration for anyone trying to achieve their dreams.

The Dreamer – Bournemouth

Bournemouth is a tiny town on England’s Southeast Coast which was always known more for its sea and sand than its football abilities. manager Eddie Howe had other ideas  for the Cherries and he has turned them into a perennial Premier League team. If you are someone that likes to dream and goes for the underdog, this is the perfect team for you, and exciting outfit who are punching well above their weight.

The Person Everyone Loves to Hate – Chelsea

If you like to rub people up the wrong way and if you enjoy being disliked, Chelsea is the team for you, a moneybags club who are loathed in this league. Chelsea will bring you success, after all this is a team who have won 3 Premier League titles as well as lifting the Champions League. You will be trading this success for your own likability when you support Chelsea however, and if you are happy with that prospect then you are definitely the right fit for this club.

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