Etarget Reviews – Why So Many People Still Use Email Marketing

As a small business owner here in Coconut Creek,Florida I always knew the power that marketing could have for my business. The issue that I had during the early stages of the business however was that I couldn’t free up enough funds to invest in a solid marketing campaign. A local company called Etarget Media got in touch with me to offer me some email marketing tips, and it peaked my interest. I went to take a look at their website and checked out the Etargetmedia reviews, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that I could begin an email marketing campaign for a very low price, and many seemed extremely happy with the results. I decided to take the plunge and the reaction which I have seen from the campaign has been excellent and helped the company to get off the ground. If you have read about email marketing but you are not sure whether or not it can help your business, here are why so many people still rave about it.

It Still Works

If you have done any research online you will no doubt have seen many people suggesting that this marketing strategy no longer works and that it is a wasted of time and money. The reason why these people say this is because yes, there are some marketing tools which can garner more interest, but as a package email marketing still works. Again people refer to click-through rates on emails not being what they once were when companies were seeing rates of 16% on their emails. These days the click-through rate sits at around 4% which is still 40 people for every 1000 emails sent, far from bad.

Cost Effective

Email marketing is the most cost-effective package out there for small businesses to make use of. To subscribe to an email client which can handle the volume of emails being sent out you are talking about a cost of around $1 per month on a subscription plan. This means that even if you send out 10,000 emails, just a single lead can cover the cost of the emails themselves. Of course if you consult with an excellent media team then you will be paying a little more than this but their skills, expertise and knowledge of the market can help you to make a larger impact with your emails and gain more interest.


We have recently learned that over 50% of emails are opened on mobile and that just over 60% of those opened emails are viewed within 10 minutes of it being sent. This lets us know that our consumers are viewing our ads instantly which is very positive news when it comes to marketing. You cannot guarantee the same speed with any other marketing technique, digital or traditional.

Many people are still using email ads and whilst it may have evolved, it is far from dead.

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