The invention of the bra dates back ages that are unknown. However, the first bra that provided proper lift for the breasts using cup sizes and straps started in 1914. To this day, bras remain important for women who want to feel good and look good. 

What about for sleep? Do you need to wear a bra or not? If you do, will any bra suffice? Not all bras are ok to sleep at night. Keep reading to find out the best bra for sleeping.  

Is Sleeping with a Bra Safe? 

Are you team “bra” or team “no bra?” While opinions are out there as to whether you should or shouldn’t wear a bra, it’s about YOU. At the end of the day, you want to do what feels right and comfortable for you. 

There is no right or wrong. Some believe that wearing a bra for too long, especially while sleeping, promotes sagging.

While there is a lot of talk surrounding this, there is no definite proof. At the end of the day, smoking, genetics, rapid weight fluctuations, and age are what cause boobs to sag. How long you do or don’t wear a bra is not a factor. 

The “Invisible” Bra

The best bra you should be wearing to sleep is the invisible bra. If you didn’t already catch on, this means sleeping without one. Some women find it relaxing to be able to take their bra off at home, especially at the end of the day. 

This is because bras can feel constraining. Some women may even suffer from rashes, marks, or hyperpigmentation if they wear a bra for too long. Giving your skin a rest at night is ideal to prevent such skin issues.

The “Comfy” Bra 

Wearing a bra may be more beneficial for other women. If you do need a bra at night, you should wear a comfy bra and one that is unlined. You can continue reading more here for a deeper explanation why they are superior for sleep. 

Common reasons a woman would want to wear a comfortable bra at night includes:

  • Having a large bust
  • Problems with tenderness  
  • Comfort for mothers who are nursing 
  • Nipple pain or chafing

Women with a large bust may feel discomfort at night without a bra because their bust may fall into undesirable positions. Regardless of size, another problem is tender breasts.

Tender breasts occur due to hormonal changes. This can happen in women who are nursing, during puberty, or around and during periods. This includes nipple pain. Females with sensitive, large breast may notice the appearance of chafing. 

You Can Wear a Bra for Sleeping or Don’t 

You may be able to wear a bra for sleeping, but it’s not necessary. Why continue something that’s uncomfortable, especially when you’re ready to sleep? You can let the girls rest too. 

However, sleeping with a bra is comforting to other women too. If you choose the right bra, that is. This is the case for women with a bigger bus or women with implants. You can choose to wear it or choose not to wear it. It’s up to you.

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