Best Grenade Spots in Dust 2

A man playing Counter Strike
A man playing Counter Strike

Counter Strike: Global Offensive or CS:GO is a game where players are pushed to get better and better every day. Improving your skills in CS:GO and looking for new ways to make awesome plays are two things that people love from this game. They are what set apart CS:GO from many other similar games. And to this day, people are still looking for ways to improve.

One of the most important aspects of the game is learning when and where to use grenades. A properly timed and placed grenade can do a lot. In fact, it might be the deciding factor between losing and winning.

And of course, CS:GO has many maps available. Each map has a different layout and requires different strategies as well. One of the most popular maps is Dust 2. I am sure every CS:GO player knows about this map. So, if you want to get better at the game, you should learn about some of the best grenade spots in Dust 2.

T Site

The first grenade spot in Dust 2, and evidently the most popular one, is the T Site. The trick is to take B grenades, smoke indoors, and look up from the right door in the middle. Before you jump over the ledge, shift to the top, and do a jumping throw. This way you can increase your accuracy and throw your grenade right to where you want.

Smoke X-Box from spawn

This is another popular grenade spot that you should know. First, come to the corner with a classic view model. Line yourself on the top right of your smoke grenade with the corner of the awning above and do a jumping throw.

Smoke the corner flashover

This is arguably one of the best grenade spots in Dust 2. But it will be trickier to do, compared with T Site. You can use this spot when you have the best long spawn and want to rush smoke the corner flashover. Simply walk past the small wall and make sure you’re close, but not too close. Line up your pointer finger with the dot and do a jumping throw. The trick here is to throw the first flash before you enter the door, and again with the second flash of the second door. This way you can smoke the corner.

By doing it this way, the first flash will get anyone in the area. And people who are trying to peek wide into the smoke will get hit by the second flash. But, if you’re late, you should come to the corner and look right at the top left of the little square. Do a quick jumping throw and come back in the corner where you were. Then, look at the dot again and throw your second flash grenade. This way, the first flash will blind anyone near the pit or corner and the second flash will hit anyone at the place close to the doors or the corner pit.

Smoke cross

For smoke cross grenade throw, line up with the barrel and throw your smoke grenade as the edge of the garage disappears. The grenade will bounce if you line up at the corner properly.

Smoke CT

Similar to the above tip. If you are playing along and cat split or if the CTs are playing with pistols, you do not want to smoke the cross. The reason is that they can just jump throw the smoke and kill you next. In this case, smoke CT would be the best solution. To do it line up on the shadow, so you are exactly perpendicular with the wall, then just run into it. The key here is you must line up perfectly, or you’ll mess up the smoke.


These grenade spots are clearly some of the best spots you should know in Dust 2. I am sure you can improve your skills by simply knowing about these spots. But to be able to utilize these spots properly, you need practice. Don’t be afraid to fail during your practice. So find a match right now in CS:GO and practice your grenade throw at these spots.

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