Your Teen’s Hobby Could Become A Dream Job! 

While it’s always good to caution your children to be somewhat pragmatic as they get older, it’s also important to help them nourish their dreams. With budding sports stars, there’s always the fear of injury and with acting and the performing arts, there’s a concern that in such a competitive field the odds of success are not so good. 

Still, if you find that your teen has an incredibly active imagination and a talent for converting abstract ideas into compelling art, there is a good chance that they could make in some branch of the entertainment industry. 

Some parents may notice that from a very young age their child is talking to imaginary friends in the backyard, writing plays to perform with the neighbours and designing elaborate sets out of the family furniture. Getting kids with that kind of energy involved with theatre at a young age will give them a head start and also an outlet for all that extra energy. 

Live Theatre & Personal Growth

If your child or teenager shows a penchant for acting at a young age, it may be worth seeing if they want to audition for a local theatre company. Often plays include small roles for youth that can help to build confidence and a comfortable relationship with the stage and the spotlight. Of course, drama, art and music class in school will all add to the arsenal of expression at your child’s disposal, but performing in a professional play really takes the cake. 

Opportunities in Film & Television

While not all children are interested in spending time on a film set, there is an outside chance that your kid could land a role in a TV series or movie. This whole process can be a bit tedious for parents, however, and may lead to missing regular school. Towards the end of high school, however, you could encourage your teen to seek out a start your career in entertainment type job fair or convention, like those offered by The CIE Tour, which is part of the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation. Working in entertainment may mean becoming a make-up artist, location scout, costume designer or key grip. There are lots of great jobs in entertainment other than “actor.” 

Arts School 

Depending on where you live, you may be eligible to send your kid to an arts high school. Most arts-focused high schools still provide math, science, etc. But if your kid knows from a young age that they want to work in the arts, you may as well set them on a clear path. Again, your kid may find their calling in stage managing, set design, musical composition or lighting. There are many jobs in the arts that can offer decent pay and career stability, despite the common stereotype that all artists are broke. 

The Value of Art for Any and All

Even if your teen decides to become a doctor, lawyer, software designer or architect, being involved in art and theatre promotes independence, critical thinking and compassion. Thus, it can’t hurt to get your kid involved in the arts, it can only help.            


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