Why Is A Cybersecurity Plan Necessary?

Cybersecurity is something that should be in the back of the mind of every single business owner out there. Unfortunately, this can turn into a true nightmare. The big problem is that cybersecurity plans are simply not in place. Cyber attacks happen every single day. This is the reality we live in at the moment.

Why are there a lot more attacks now than in the past? James Scott ICIT identifies the following as being the main reasons you have to be aware of:

  • Several organizations do not have the capability of actually dealing with hacking and cracking.
  • People that are defending against cyber attacks are now using defense mechanisms that are wrong. Threats evolved and are much more complicated. Since there are several attackers and so many targets present, more hackers appear every day.
  • Those that perform the cyber attacks have a much larger knowledge than in the past, usually a lot more than the average information technology professional. Amateur hackers rarely attack businesses these days. Cyber attacks are now handled by crime syndicates, terrorists and basically people that know a lot about hacking.

A cybersecurity plan is vital for the security of any modern business. You basically need one because of the following reasons:

  • There is always a high possibility a wrong threat was identified. This makes the problem-solving approach wrong. Different security strategies might be present but you need to think about how many of these are valid, based on current market scenario. The best cybersecurity plan is always refreshed and up-to-date.
  • When a dedicated cybersecurity strategy is in place and it is regularly updated, it is kept fresh and influences absolutely all security decisions. This includes mobile application security testing as well as every other aspect of the business.
  • There is never a need to implement fancy things when there is a certainty that things will fail. How will organization become proactive? All starts with cybersecurity strategies, which considers organization uniqueness while designing security foundation.
  • Strategy is always the core of what a company does. It will help make truly centralized decisions, understand and resolve problems. When a plan is in place, there are specific goals, principles, objectives and decisions in place that are used to face all challenges that could appear.
  • Performance is always the main metric for organizations. You use this to highlight how businesses perform during challenges and the approach that is used in order to achieve set results. Just the strategy helps identify security organization stances.

Always be sure that you have a cybersecurity plan that is in place but do not just think that any plan is going to work. The truth is that most of the companies that have such a plan use strategies and software that are just outdated. This is why the plan has to include constant updates. If the updates are not in place, eventually the hackers are going to find ways in.

In conclusion, build a cybersecurity plan that is going to include the latest strategies and that can actually help the business be protected against cyber attacks of all nature. Work with experienced specialists if help is needed.


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