Top Things to See and Do in Mykonos

Are you trying to decide where to jet off to this summer? Have you thought about visiting the Greek island of Mykonos? Mykonos is a hugely popular holiday destination and once you have visited, you won’t find it hard to see why! This cosmopolitan island really does have it all which is why it attracts everyone from the average tourist to international celebrities.

With breath taking landscapes, amazing nightlife and beautiful beaches, there is something here for everyone to enjoy. If you want to know more about the Greek island of Mykonos located in the Aegean Sea, make sure to carry on reading to find out all of the cool things that you can see and do here. 

The Nightlife

Mykonos is known for its exciting nightlife. This island has a little bit everything including cocktail bars, open air cinemas and also lots of open air partying! If you love to hit the big clubs, check out places such as Babylon, Cavo Paradiso and the Montparnasse Piano Bar.  If your paper work doesn’t satisfy the bouncer, then a scannable fake id is worth looking into as these parties are not to be missed.

Little Venice

One of the most popular areas of Mykonos is the charming area of Little Venice. This is the nickname for the town of Alefkantra and it is beautiful place located next to the sea and looks very much like the Italian city. This settlement was created in the 18th century as rich merchants and captains brought wealth here. You will absolutely love the gorgeous houses that are located here and it is an amazing place to enjoy the sunset. 


Another highlight of the island of Mykonos is the famous windmills which are known all around the world. These huge white windmills can be found between Alefkantra and Niochori and there are seven to be viewed. There was once twenty of these stunning windmills during the 17th and 18th centuries and they were fundamental to the economic development of the island as they helped with wheat production. They are definitely worth checking out while you are here.

Lena’s House 

In the town of Chora, you will find Lena’s House. This stunning house is your typical middle-class family house from the 19th century and is steeped in fascinating history and culture. Lena’s House is now almost like a museum and you will find here a range of European furniture that dates back to the 19th century. You can fit here daily through the summer months 

Folklore Museum of Mykonos 

When you head to Kastro, you will find the Folklore Museum and minutes from here is the famous Paraportiani. Those who enjoy arts, history and culture will really enjoy the range of interesting collections here which include a lot of hand-made ceramics, manuscripts, photographs and classic furniture. While we love the nightlife and beach bars that this island has to offer, you really cannot beat delving into their history at this museum. 

Archaeological Museum of Mykonos 

Another fantastic museum that you should definitely take the time to visit is the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos. This museum offers you the chance to see a range of 17th century vases, ceramics, sculptures and jewels. This collection is extremely unique and unlike anything else that you will find on the island. 


In the Greek islands, the tradition is to have Christian Greek Orthodox churches and there are over 70 of them to be found in Mykonos. Many of the churches were built by very rich people after the Byzantine period of time and this was done to honour god or a family member. You don’t have to be religious to visit these churches and you can instead appreciate the architecture in them such as the Saint Nicholas, Agia Kyriaki and the Agia Eleni. 

Mykonos Villas 

Something that you must do when you visit the island is stay in one of the villas in Mykonos These villas are incredibly luxurious and you can enjoy the perfect relaxing holiday that you can take at your own pace. Hire a car and drive to the top attraction spots on the island, before heading back to your stunning villa with a private pool. You can then head back out at night to check out the amazing restaurants and nightlife that Mykonos has to offer. Look at Mykonos villas by BlueVillas if you are looking for inspiration and to book a villa for your next trip. 

Dining Out 

The food on the island of Mykonos is out of this world and you can enjoy a range of local delicacies and many other types of delicious food. Some of the top choices on the island include Kiki’s Taverna which offers complimentary wine spritzers around noon, Funky Kitchen which offers amazing Mediterranean food and Buddha Bar which you can find in the prestigious Santa Marina area and offers lovely Japanese food. 

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