The night before your LA breast reconstruction

LA breast reconstruction can be a very daunting task. You are still undergoing anaesthetic and surgery and you are probably understandably concerned about how it will look and how you will feel. A lot of the time you will have already been through enough and perhaps had a mastectomy as a result of a cancerous tumour or due to a history of cancer in your family and you carrying the cancer gene.

Therefore, you are already feeling a little on edge and wondering what the next day has in store for you, thinking about when you will finally feel better in body and mind and be able to move on with your life. It is completely normal to feel this way and this surgery should now be the closure on the whole unfortunate situation, a final line that will allow you to move on.

However even with all of this going through your mind you do not want to forget the essential things that you must and must not do before surgery.

You should shower with the special antiseptic shower cream recommended by your surgeon or oncologist. Making sure to thoroughly clean the chest, abdomen and underarm areas. Do not use powder or deodorant after your bath or shower and do not use and body creams or perfumes. In fact the use of powder or deodorant should be avoided until your surgeon or nurse confirm that you can start to wear them again.

As with any procedure involving anaesthetic you should not eat any solid foods or drink any fluids after midnight on the night before the reconstructive surgery. If you take medications only take the ones that have been cleared by your surgeon or GP, if you are unsure contact them as soon as you can. For the ones you might need for your stay make sure you have them all prepared in your overnight bag to go with you.

An excellent tip is to take a pillow along with you for your return journey. You can place the pillow between your chest and abdomen and the seat belt and this can stop the seat belt from hurting you on your way home after the procedure. This will make your journey much more comfortable and will avoid any possible infection concerns if the wounds get knocked too soon.

Your hospital bag should be kitted out with everything you may need. Again, loose fitting clothes are good, preferably ones that don’t need to go over your head as this will require you to raise your arms which may cause discomfort and aggravate your wounds. It will need medication as discussed also toothbrush and toothpaste. Comfortable socks and slippers always give you that nice homely and comfortable feel. Also take some things to keep you entertained such as a book, puzzle book or magazine as you prefer.

Also, the big task, when you are so nervous is that you do need to get as much sleep as you possibly can so that you are at your best for the surgery.


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