The Importance of Parking Lot Stripping

Besides providing a better aesthetic appeal, reflective lines also help reduce accidents. Furthermore, they help comply with ADA regulations. Regardless of your industry, there are many reasons to install these stripes. When you are busy with the road work, be sure to use appropriate parking signs, you can find all the common ones here.

Reflective Beads Increase Visibility.

Glass beads are a great way to add recognizability to your parking lot striping. The beads are embedded into the thermoplastic or painted surface, providing a sharp degree of reflectivity under dry and wet conditions. The glass beads resemble the material used in aerosol sprays and street signs. The use of reflective glass beads in parking lot striping Lexington, SC, enhances safety for both drivers and pedestrians.

Reflective beads increase visibility in parking lot stripes during the night. These bead dispensers attach to the striping machine and reduce the need to apply the beads manually. A spray shield helps to protect the paint and prevent smearing from the wind. Reflective beads also make the lines more visible in poor lighting conditions. Once you’ve applied the beads, you should replace old lines, which have faded or become dull. A spray shield keeps the paint from being sprayed away by wind and ensures a consistent stream of paint.

Reduces Accidents

Parking lots, garages, and other spaces with lots of traffic have several Safety hazards, including the potential for car-on-car collisions, pedestrian collisions, and confusing traffic patterns. Luckily, parking lot striping can help prevent such accidents. In addition, when parking lot striping is done correctly, it can help prevent accidents by making it easier to navigate and avoid slip and fall injuries.

Using distinct parking lot striping makes it easier for drivers to understand which lanes are for cars and pedestrians. This helps drivers park closer together and in a unified pattern and reduces the risk of car accidents. In addition to reducing accidents, parking lot striping helps you improve your parking lot’s curb appeal by guiding traffic in one direction. While parking in a parking lot, follow these tips and keep your customers safe.

Increases Aesthetic Appeal

Regarding parking lot striping, re-striping is essential to maintaining the aesthetic appeal of a business’s property. Reflective lines make it easier for customers to spot their vehicles and increase customer satisfaction. Aesthetics are essential in every property type, and faded or worn-looking parking lots sent the wrong message to potential customers. Moreover, the business is at risk if a parking lot is full of potholes.

Whether a parking lot is new or has existed for a while, re-striping can help increase the property’s aesthetic appeal. In addition, parking lot striping helps increase safety, as it provides arrows to indicate which direction to drive in certain areas and clearly outlines the safety zones for pedestrians. Furthermore, it reduces the risk of lawsuits and improves accessibility for people with disabilities.

It Helps Comply With Ada Regulations.

The ADA has specific requirements for building accessibility for people with disabilities. These regulations also require that a building or area must accommodate service animals. These animals must be trained to ensure the premises are accessible to people with disabilities. Fortunately, there are resources available to help businesses meet these standards. In addition to training your employees and creating ADA compliance materials, you can hire an accessibility consultant to review your building’s layout.

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