Some Florida Travel Destinations You May Want To Consider

Florida has absolutely no shortage of incredible travel destinations you may want to consider. It seems that the more you read about it, the longer your “must-see” list is. While we are sure that you already know of the many interesting opportunities offered by Capital Resorts Group and numerous travel agencies covering Florida, why not mention some really popular destinations you might end up missing out because you hurry?

Families traveling to Florida almost always visit Disneyland since it is perfect for children of all possible ages. However, what always stands out is the huge area covered by beautiful beaches that have crystal clear waters. During winter there are countless tourists visiting since the weather is warm, even if humidity tends to be high.

If Disneyland is not something that you are interested in, do not worry since there is no shortage of what you can do and what you can see. For instance, you may want to consider the NASCAR HQ. You can find it in the beautiful Daytona Beach. If you love cars and NASCAR races, this is a place to put on your list. NASCAR is only surpassed in TV viewership by professional football so you can expect a well-developed experience for all interested tourists.

When nature is your wish, the Everglades should be visited. The same thing can be said about the incredible Ten Thousand Islands. Few people know that this is one of the few unsung wild places in the US. We are talking about a landscape that is subtropical, rugged and simply beautiful. Even so, only few people visit. This place is unique when referring to wilderness, being one of the secrets that Florida has. It is actually quite a well-kept secret.

After the Everglades, you also want to experience Suwannee River. This is a big river of Northern Florida and Southern Georgia. Its length is around 266 miles and if you decide to visit, be sure to go through the Suwannee Straits (prehistoric destination).

Are you more interested in art and culture? If so, you might not consider Florida since there is this myth that only people that want to party visit. This is completely incorrect since there is a huge number of museums available for you right now. For instance, why not start the day right with Orlando’s WonderWorks? Here you can see a building that is upside down. Then, you surely want to visit the world-renowned Kennedy Space Center. This is actually one of the major tourist destinations in Central Florida and is located just around 1 hour by car from the Orlando area theme parks. Everything there is special, starting with the state of the art Visitor Complex, which now offers public tours taking you through the center and the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

Last but not least, we need to highlight Miami. This is surely not a surprise for you but the city is definitely something you want to fully experience whenever in Florida. Numerous celebrities are walking down the street and you can find so many classy and trendy locations where you can just hang out.


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