Resources That’ll Make You Better at Trucking Companies

Some resources will improve you whether you’re just starting out or already running a trucking company. They’ll help you make more money, keep your business safe and healthy, and attract new clients.

One way to do this is by showcasing your values and what makes your company unique. This will connect you with your audience on a personal level.

Load Boards

Load boards are an essential resource that helps truckers, fleets, and independent drivers connect with loads. These websites make searching for loads that match a carrier’s equipment, availability, and pick-up and drop-off locations easy.

For example, if a trucker drops off a load in Calgary and faces a long stretch of deadhead miles, he might go to a load board to find a way to earn money while he’s on the road. This saves him time, effort, and money on the road while giving him access to a larger pool of loads.

Similarly, freight brokers use load boards to post their loads and connect with owner-operators who can move them—this data-informed matching process results in more efficient shipping for all parties involved.

Brokers should provide complete and accurate information about their load to potential carriers, including the delivery location, business hours, days to pay, etc. This will help likely truckers decide if the bag is a good fit and save both parties time and frustration.

Quality load boards also offer additional features like credit ratings and rate analysis. These tools can help you determine what deals will be the most profitable for your fleet. Some also integrate with transport management software, which can automate the back-office administration processes for shippers and carriers.

Accounting Software

A lot of the challenges of running a trucking company can be avoided by having the right accounting software. With a sound accounting system, you can track your business’s financial performance and make better decisions about how you’ll grow your fleet.

The best accounting software for trucking companies like flatbed trucking companies in Calgary should be easy to use, include helpful features, and be a reliable tool that allows you to run your business efficiently. It should also help you stay compliant with regulations and ensure your tax filings are accurate and timely.

You’ll also want to look for software that offers accessible tax filings. This can be a great way to save your company money and ensure you avoid getting hit with unexpected tax bills at the end of the year.

Your trucking accounting software should provide efficient and detailed reports that help you track your cash flow, profitability, and year-end taxes. This can help you determine if your business is making the most of its resources and if you’re staying on budget.

The right trucking accounting software can also make bank reconciliation a breeze. You can instantly import your bank feeds into your accounting software and reconcile your accounts using automated categorization and matching features. This can help you track your financial performance and prevent costly mistakes.

Social Media

Social media is a powerful way to promote your trucking business and share important information with prospective customers. The key is to create quality content that your audience will find engaging.

Creating an effective social media campaign requires a strategic approach that focuses on the goals of your trucking company and combines them with your online identity. The strategy will help you plan out what you’ll post, when and how you’ll post it, and how you’ll engage with your followers.

You may have a lot of content, but you must tailor each piece to the right target audience. Whether you’re sharing information about your business, offering tips and tricks for trucking, or showcasing your drivers, you must ensure it’s relevant to your audience.

One of the most common ways to get your message out is through videos. Uploading short clips that show what it’s like to be a truck driver can attract viewers worldwide. You can also do a “day in the life” video that lets viewers see a day in the life of your truck and the people who work on it.

Another great way to get your content out there is through customer testimonials. Providing customer reviews and feedback can help you improve your services and reach new customers. It can also give you a leg up over your competition.

Driver Training

Driver training is a great way to improve your driver’s industry knowledge. It’s an excellent way to keep your drivers safe on the road, but it also helps them understand company policies and local traffic laws.

Drivers in Calgary who have received proper training are likelier to get fewer speeding tickets, accidents, and violations. They’ll also be more aware of their driving habits and know how to react to unforeseen situations.

Traditional truck driver training involves attending classes at a trucking school or classroom setting. However, this can be expensive, limiting drivers’ time to pursue other important tasks.

Online driver training is a more cost-effective option that offers more flexibility for drivers to complete their coursework. This allows them to study around their work schedule and family life rather than attending classes at a specific time each week.

Another advantage of online driver training is that it allows drivers to solve complex problems with others from different backgrounds and with a variety of skills. This can help them become better team players and more confident in their ability to perform.

The best driver training programs will teach truck drivers about all aspects of the industry while providing them with a positive environment and a structured learning process. It should also balance education and hands-on training and allow drivers to practice what they’ve learned in the real world.


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