The fireplace is truly the heart of the modern home, and the nicer the fireplace, the nicer the feel of the room, which can be a big boost of comfort when relaxing by the fire. One part of a fireplace that is both practical and completes the aesthetic is the fireplace screen, which both keeps you safe and provides a nice aesthetic in front of the fire that can bring the look of your fireplace together. Pilgrim Home and Hearth offer a great selection of contemporary fireplace screens to keep you safe and happy as you relax by your fireplace.

Fireplace Screens for a Fireplace Success

Pilgrim Home and Hearth has been America’s favorite supplier of fireplace screens for 65 years, providing a lifetime guarantee from the most trusted manufacturer of home décor and fireplace products across the country. Whether the fireplace screen you’re looking for is small or large, classic or modern – perhaps even having doors for wood burning – Pilgrim is there for your fireplace screen needs, no matter the style or budget.

No matter your requests for a fireplace screen, Pilgrim can meet your specifications of size, style, color, designs and any other specific details you want. You’re covered by a wide selection of various sizes of screens for safety, comfort and style from traditional to luxury screens.

Pilgrim Home and Hearth is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, with offices and manufactories in key locations across the U.S. and overseas, with 750 independent specialty dealers and distributors across North America with shipping to Australia, New Zealand, Japan and several EU countries, including the UK.

If you need any specific information on your ideas for a fireplace screen, then you can use the information available from Pilgrim Home and Hearth and their specialists to help you and provide you with the necessary information to help you with your orders and ideals for your fireplace screen.

Perhaps you have something more specific in mind and need a custom order. This is accommodated by Pilgrim and you will be able to have built a perfect custom screen for your style and budget. Many of the most popular screens can be made in a custom size so you can easily get a custom fireplace screen that blends perfectly with the interior of your home.

If you require fireplace screens, then their retailers provide small or large fireplace custom fireplace screens in a variety of styles including modern and classic on top of their contemporary style choices. Wrought iron, stainless steel or brass designed fireplace screens are all available from a Pilgrim dealer to service you happily with your purchase of any fireplace accessories near you.

So if you are looking for a decorative, but functional, protector for your fireplace then check in with Pilgrim Home and Hearth to get your personal, perfect and high quality fireplace screen and complete the look of the heart of your home for the perfect place to relax in comfort and safety.

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