How Should You Choose Aircraft Hardware Kits?


You need to consider a few factors when buying aircraft parts and hardware. First, the supplier you choose should offer quality products and be knowledgeable about them. A good supplier can help you select the correct details for your aircraft model. You can ask friends or read reviews about them. Finally, look for a company with a good reputation in the industry and certified products.

Quality standards

Quality standards for aircraft hardware kits are an essential aspect of aircraft repair. Inadequate parts can lead to accidents and can endanger your aircraft. Using universal standards for aircraft hardware can help you choose the correct parts for your aircraft. Whether you plan to replace an entire aircraft or simply replace some parts, it’s essential to ensure that you use certified parts.

The FAA does not regulate distributors directly but requires them to meet specific quality standards. Third-party accreditation programs help ensure distributors have quality control systems and use approved parts. If looking for a reputable distributor, check for AC 00-56 accreditation.

When it comes to bolts and nuts, it’s essential to ensure they’re made with aerospace-grade materials. In addition to adherence to safety standards, they must meet strict performance requirements. That means using high-quality metals with high compressive yield strength, fatigue resistance, and fracture toughness. These metals are extremely important for constructing aircraft parts, so manufacturers must meet these standards. If they don’t, it could lead to costly accidents and even loss of lives.

Factors to consider

There are many factors to consider when buying aircraft parts and hardware, including the supplier’s reputation and ability to meet your requirements. Ensure the supplier has a thorough quality assurance process and works within the aerospace standard. Qualified labs inspect the hardware and electronics in the parts to ensure their safety and quality. Verify the serial number to ensure the aircraft’s hardware and parts match.

If you plan to install the aircraft parts and hardware on your own, it’s important to have solid installation instructions. Even though the aircraft manufacturer’s kits and manuals can offer detailed instructions for installation, it’s always best to ask for help from a professional. If you’re unfamiliar with installing aircraft parts, you might make a mistake and damage your aircraft. Moreover, you should also consider the materials used to manufacture the parts. For example, some aircraft parts are made from aluminum alloy, while others are made from titanium or stainless steel.

As an owner, you’ll need to determine the parts that fit your aircraft and your budget. While you’re doing your research, you’ll find that there are thousands of search platforms online to compare spare parts. These search platforms can help you find various aircraft parts and hardware, including new and used ones.

Reference books

Reference books are essential to building aircraft, especially when choosing the proper hardware. The standard Aircraft Handbook and the Aviation Mechanics Handbook are excellent resources for understanding the appropriate application of hardware. Other good sources are the Aircraft Spruce and Specialty catalogs and manufacturer’s specifications. Requesting the manufacturer’s specifications, including the lot number, for a particular piece of hardware is essential.

When choosing aircraft hardware, it’s essential to know what parts are needed. Unfortunately, many parts manuals are decades old, and part numbers don’t reflect changes over time. For example, you may find a parts manual for a 1959 Cessna 182 aircraft. Most parts are valid, but newer models have replaced some.

When choosing aircraft hardware kits, choosing a quality brand that contains aircraft-quality hardware is vital. Some hardware manufacturers require a certificate of conformance for high-stress or critical hardware. Likewise, be sure to check the ANSI standards for bolts. For example, AN 3 through AN 20 are hex-head bolts, while AN 21 to AN 36 designate clevis bolts.


Aircraft hardware kits are generally cheaper than individual parts and are a great way to improve the quality of your aircraft without breaking the bank. They include everything from screws and washers to parts for non-structural repairs. The cost of an aircraft hardware kit depends on the type of kit you buy, but it is usually less than the cost of a new aircraft.

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