Home Spaces: Does Your Garage Size Matter?

When it comes to a house’s layout, one of the most important factors that come into play is the garage.

A garage is kind of a fifth bedroom in a house that most often serves as a place to store everything you own. This makes ensuring the garage is the right size vital to a house’s layout. But what exactly is the ideal garage size, and what factors contribute to the size?

Let’s go through everything you should know about the ideal size of a garage and the amount of space you need. 

The Impact of Garage Size on Home Value

The size of a garage has a direct impact on home value. The larger the garage, the higher the home value. This is because a larger garage can accommodate more cars and provide more storage space.

Additionally, a larger garage is more likely to be attached to the house, which adds to the home’s value.

How Much Space Do You Really Need in a Garage?

The average 2-car garage is only about 400 square feet. That’s less than half the size of a typical 3-bedroom house. So, are you thinking about building a new garage or renovating your existing one? Don’t feel like you need to make it huge.

Of course, there are some cases where a larger garage is necessary. If you have a boat or an RV, you’ll need more space to store it. And if you’re a hobbyist who likes to work on cars or woodworking, you might benefit from having more room in a detached garage.

But for most of us, a small garage is all we need. So don’t let the size of your garage hold you back.

The Benefits of a Larger Garage

A larger garage means more space to store your belongings. You can work on projects. Your garage will even protect your vehicles from the elements. It can also be a great place to host parties or other events.

Overall, a larger garage provides more options and opportunities for homeowners. It can even provide a greater sense of security.

Making the Most of a Smaller Garage

If you have a smaller garage, organize it by using some simple tips and tricks. Some people might say that you need a certain amount of square footage to be organized, but that simply is not true.

Use vertical space. Invest in shelves, racks, and other storage solutions that will help you make the most of the space you have. And to get organized, you can also invest in some storage bins and labels.

So, do not let the size of your garage deter you from keeping it clean and organized.

The Truth About Garage Size

Still debating on whether to upgrade to a bigger garage or not? Ask yourself how you currently use your garage space. See if you will be using it differently in the future.

If you don’t have a lot of stuff and you don’t see that changing, then a bigger garage probably isn’t necessary. But is your family growing, or do you plan on using your garage for more than just storing your car? Then upgrading to a bigger garage size may be the best decision for you.

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