Here is Why 1000’s of Tourists Are Heading to Mexico for Dental Work

In Mexico, dental tourism is a huge industry. Thousands of tourists from across North America are heading to Mexico for dental work. Yes, in addition to palm-fringed beaches, teeming cities and chili-spiced cuisine, Mexico is also home to numerous dental clinics that attract a different kind of tourists – dental tourists. Let us take a closer look at why so many people, mostly from the US and Canada, make the trip to Mexico for dental services.


Price is the biggest draw. The huge difference in dental price between Mexico and US or Canada is too good to turn down. Check out the cost difference for some popular dental treatments:

Dental Implants

US: USD $3,913

Canada: CAD $5,026

Mexico: USD $1,250 / CAD $1,567

Dental Crowns

USD $1,164 / CAD $1,483

USD $500 / CAD $621

Root Canal

US: USD $1,275

Canada: CAD $ 1,636

Mexico: USD $247 / CAD $317


US: USD $10,000

Canada: CAD $12,764

Mexico: USD $26,000 / CAD $33,431

Dental care costs a pretty penny in the US and Canada; Mexico is a very affordable alternative. These savings easily cover the cost of travel and accommodation.


Does the lower price mean lower quality? Not if you choose the right dentist in Mexico. Good dentists are everywhere, and Mexico is no exception. You do not have to trade dollars for health; there are plenty of excellent dentists in the country. The prices are low in Mexico because it costs much less to run a dental clinic than it does in the US or Canada. The lower living expenses also keeps prices low. Plus, the red tape that affects businesses in first-world countries is not an issue in the Mexico.


Mexico is the closest dental tourist destination for people in the US and Canada. Even the flights from New York and Vancouver to Mexico City are four to six hours. People from closer cities will reach sooner. In some cases, it is simply a matter of merely driving a few miles across the border to a border town like Los Algodones. You are just looking at a quick in and out thing. If you need to spend a night or two in Mexico, there are plenty affordable accommodation options. So “traveling to another country” for dental work is not as big a hassle as you might initially think.


You can use your dental trip to Mexico to enjoy a nice holiday as well. From fiesta fireworks and palm-fringed beaches to steamy jungles and spicy food, Mexico is full of fun and excitement. And as many tourists discover, the reality lives up to the vivid dreams the country conjures up. In addition to an affordable and reliable dentist, Mexico also treats you to an unforgettable holiday. A trip to the dentist will never be this fun!

Now you know why in Mexico, dental tourism is growing and attracting thousands of tourists. Whether you are looking for a short dental visit or a treatment cum holiday, Mexico will not let you down.

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