Debating whether to include Singapore in your Southeast Asian itinerary, but concerned about its boring reputation? This may have been true a generation ago, but today, this shining star of ASEAN is full of attractions which will take up to a week to experience fully.

Let’s talk about them in the paragraphs below, and you’ll end up making room for this amazing place in addition to other Asian megacities like Tokyo.

1) Check out Gardens by the Bay

If there is an attraction which has captured the imagination of locals and tourists in Singapore over the past few years, it has been the grandiose but eco-focused Gardens by the Bay. Laid out over 101 hectares of land, it is defined by ‘supertrees’ that light up at night, thanks to the solar cells which store copious amounts of power during the day.

There is so much more to this place than this highlight, though – with greenhouses which mimic the climatic conditions of other parts of the world to outdoor sections which contain plant species which occurs naturally in this part of the world, those with green thumbs will not want to miss this place.

After a long evening exploring this wondrous place, head back to one of the many serviced apartments in Singapore. Feeling more like home than a hotel and far more elegant than an Airbnb, it is an accommodation choice you won’t regret. With kitchenettes, on-site swimming pools, and other services, you won’t ever go back to staying in an impersonal hotel chain.

2) Go shopping on Orchard Road

Long a centre of trade in Southeast Asia, it is no surprise Singapore is a shopper’s paradise. Of all the districts in the city, Orchard Road has the greatest concentration of malls and high-end merchants, so we recommend focusing your attention there.

From the Paragon Shopping Centre, which focuses on those seeking luxury retailers, to the vast array of Singaporean food available at the Maxwell Food Centre, there will be plenty of opportunities to entertain yourself over the course of an entire day spent in this corner of the city.

3) Spend a day on Sentosa Island

Want to have a day filled with unrestrained fun? Hop on the gondola to Sentosa Island first thing in the morning – from the second you arrive, you’ll have plenty of ways to find excitement here.

Get relief from the heat at Adventure Cove Waterpark or at one of Sentosa’s natural beaches. Tick off an item on your bucket list by flinging yourself off the bungee tower at AJ Hackett Sentosa. Try your luck at a variety of casino games at Resorts World Sentosa.

Whatever you choose to do, you’ll be sure to head back to Singapore at the end of the day exhausted but content.

4) Go clubbing in Clarke Quay

Singapore has an undeserved reputation as a boring place – head down to Clarke Quay on almost any night, and prepare to have this stereotype shattered.

Zouk attracts some of the hottest DJs in the world. The Crazy Elephant will draw those into live rock and roll music. Beer Market offers a wide selection of brews, and at prices which fluctuate based on their popularity.

While a night out here is definitely pricier than what you pay in places like Bangkok, the quality of the establishments more than makes up for the added expense.


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