CBI Tulsa discuss bath to shower conversions

CBI Tulsa will answer all of your building needs. Many people prefer to replace their old bath with a modern shower area which can be much more spacious and modern. They get sick of dealing with the old, manky boring tub with its outdated ways and its many safety issues. Some no longer feel safe climbing over the high sided tub and risking a fall or another fall. Well do not dismay for there are options open to you and they are not as boring or as usual as you may first imagine.

Don’t do it yourself, get someone in to do it for you, it can sometimes be done in as little as a day.

If you are worried thinking that you will only have a small crowded in space, then think again. You could add a floor radiating heating system to a double shower to give you the ultimate in relaxation and luxury. Also by using a fold down bench seat you can sit down if you want to for some reason. Fold it up and store it and your great new shower looks as good as ever. Why not go the whole hog and have one fitted in.

You can also make your bathroom more of a wet room with a whole open area and plug in the middle this will feel like a very luxurious space. Why not add some more safety features such as grab bars, an easy accessible door and a chair height seat,

If you are the type of person who gets annoyed and frustrated at all of the product bottles that seem to accumulate around the bathroom you can actually build little pockets into the walls when you are having the shower area built these are perfect to store the bottles and look really funky and modern. They keep things looking tidy and are extremely practical too.

While you are there why don’t you get rid of those tiles, you know the ones that will need endless scrubbing once you have installed and are up and using your shower on a daily basis. Get your life back and get some of the new trendy shower surround panels that are hitting the market. They look like sleek high gloss temporary walls and do a fantastic hassle-free job.

Why not get a bit of individuality and bling while you are at it? You can have colorful mosaic design or various textured and patterns; go on have a search, see what reflects you. There is also etched glass on the market, which looks fantastic, or add some granite or marble. When your friends pop round and use the bathroom, they will look in awe and wonder at your unique, inspirational, funky and practical design. They will be asking you where they go to be the next ones to sign up to the delight; when they come screeching out asking if you have extended your house because the room looks so much larger. Just be careful that you warn your builder as you might need him on speed dial as all your friends sign up for the bath to shower make over.

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