5 Profitable Small Business Ideas

Did you know that the United States has just shy of 32 million small businesses? With so many people starting a profitable small businesses, it’s hard not to consider your own business startup!

If you’re an entrepreneur looking to start a small business, we’re here to help. Read on for five excellent small business ideas for you to think of for your efforts.

1. Lawn Services

One of the most common businesses to start is your own lawn service. Many people may begin with lawn service and continue on to something after raising some capital.

The main reason is that the barriers to entry for a lawn service are much lower than in other industries. With a little networking, you can find people that want you to fix up their lawns easily. Given that so many people in the United States have lawns, there’s rarely a shortage of customers.

If you have the money to invest in equipment, you can get everything you need for relatively cheap as well, including some of the best headphones for mowing to protect your ears. A couple of thousand dollars can get you all the equipment needed to have a budding, popular business.

2. Online Services

There are also many online services to consider! In today’s information-driven age, things like social media or blog editing are highly common.

Ironically, many of the people hiring for services like these are also small businesses. Consider looking for freelance work as a social media coordinator, email writer, interviewer, and many more positions!

3. Delivery or Shipping

Many people need goods shipped, whether it be for professional needs or just to send a package to a friend. You can fit yourself into this niche with your own business startup!

Shipping costs can add up, so consider following a guide on reducing shipping costs. By charging slightly more than shipping to handle the hassle for your customers, you can turn a profit without having to dedicate an enormous amount of resources to your small business.

4. Freelance Writing

Few online skills are more sought after than writing, but it’s actually a much lower skill barrier than many expect. If you want to start your own company, beginning a freelance writing career is a great place to start.

With freelancing, you’ll set your own hours and only take jobs that you feel qualified for. You don’t need any special requirements outside of a basic writing skillset! It’s a great way to network and begin forming a business while you decide if you want to grow as a freelancer or move to something else.

5. Tutoring

Speaking of online skills, beginning your own tutoring business is another excellent starting space. With how prominent the internet has become, online tutoring will open you up to a wide audience and many possible students. If there’s a skill you’re competent enough to teach, there are students that want to learn from you!

Making a Profitable Small Business

Making a profitable small business can feel overwhelming, but nothing is more rewarding. Consider these five ideas and more as you decide what you want to go into business doing.

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