3 Warning Signs You Need Pest Control Services Immediately

If you love your lawn and take pride in having a beautiful yard, then the last thing you want is for pests to ruin it. Unfortunately, pests happen even to the best home gardeners. When pests invade your lawn and plants, there are a few warning signs that you need professional pest control services.

If you notice these problems, call the pros to protect your yard and preserve its charm. Read on for the three signs you need an exterminator.

1. Your Plants Have Holes

If you see holes in your plants, call the pest control company. This is a warning sign that there are pests in your yard and they’re eating away at the leaves, stems, roots, and flowers of the plants in your garden.

This can kill the plants or stunt their growth. The leaves may also be wilted or discolored and you’ll notice a decline in new plant growth.

2. Your Children or Dogs Are Itchy

If your children or pets are scratching, it might mean they’ve been bitten by pests. A pest infestation can lead to irritation and even the transmission of insect diseases. To protect your family, keep an eye out for common lawn bugs and use pet-friendly treatments to get rid of pests in your yard from the very first scratch.

3. You See Dead Bugs

If you see dead bugs, call emergency pest control services. This might not seem like a big deal, but the fact is that there could be thousands of living bugs inside your lawn. They could be laying eggs and creating more bugs right now.

It’s probably time to call the professionals. Head here and ask the experts what are your lawn maintenance options.

How to Choose Pest Control Services

When choosing a lawn care service, ensure that they have a license. If a company is not licensed, then be wary. They may not improve your garden to the same extent you’d expect from a high-quality team.

Also, check their reputation online and ask for references from previous customers if possible. Any reputable pest control company will be happy to provide you with some positive feedback on their services and how they helped their customer’s lawns look great.

Stop Pests From Devaluing Your Property

Your lawn is an important part of your home’s appearance and overall value. It is also a great place to get away from the stresses of life. If you notice any of these warning signs, take action immediately to keep your lawn safe for yourself, your children or pets, and your neighbors.

Reach out to pest control services in your area and ask for a quote to get rid of any problems before they become unmanageable. You can avoid unwanted bugs by using some tips from our other home and garden blogs. Check them out for more ways to enjoy your lawn.

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