Your Guide to Website Marketing KPIs: How to Optimize Your Conversion Rate

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Average website conversion rates for e-commerce stores are currently at 1.53%. Conversion rate is one of your most crucial KPIs as it indicates how well your marketing strategy is working.

If your conversions aren’t where you want them to be, optimizing your website can help you boost that number.

But how can you improve your conversion rate and track your website marketing KPIs?

Find out as we cover simple but effective insider tips guaranteed to boost your conversions.

Calculate Your Conversion Rate

The first step is to determine your current rate. You can calculate this by taking the number of visitors that complete a conversion event and dividing that by the total visitors. Finally, multiply that number by 100 to get a percentage.

Imagine a website sees 1,000 visitors in a month, and 50 took a conversion action, such as filling out a contact form.

You would take 50 and divide it by 1,000 and then multiply that by 100 to get a rate of 5%.

It’s a simple formula but one that’s key to your success. You need to keep an eye on your website KPIs, especially your total number of conversions and the number of visitors that take a pre-determined action.

Choose Conversion Actions

A conversion action is a step a visitor can take that you’ve determined will be beneficial to your business. Common examples include contact forms, signing up for email newsletters, and so on.

If you’re feeling stuck as you try to plan for conversions, here are some examples:

  • Starting a free trial
  • Filling out a contact form
  • Calling a business number
  • Scheduling a demo
  • Visiting a page
  • Signing up for email newsletters
  • Renewing a subscription
  • Making a first or repeat purchase

What you choose as your conversion event and how you measure success will vary depending on your goals. One business might track the total number of leads, while another might prioritize tracking unique visitors.

Make Changes and Track the Results

Once you’ve determined your goals, you can work toward honing your strategy.

For instance, if your goal is to improve your lead generation methods, some steps you could take might include working on your landing page, improving your CTAs, adding more quality content, etc.

Once you get the hang of it and discover what works, you’ll see your conversions go up.

At this point, it’s extremely beneficial to work with an ecommerce web design company, as they can help you design a website that meets your goals.

Track Your Website Marketing KPIs

Using these tips will help you keep an eye on your website marketing KPIs and track your success. Once you calculate your conversion rate and determine your goals, you can start to make changes and monitor your progress.

Of course, you don’t have to go at this alone. It’s tough for small business owners to master SEO, marketing, conversion rates, and so on. That’s where calling in the professionals can help. Contact a web design and marketing company to see how they can help your business thrive.

It also helps to stay in the loop and discover the latest marketing news. Be sure to read some of our other posts to discover more expert tips.

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