Why it is important to have a regular dental check up by the Clinton Family Dentist

The Clinton Family dentist will always ensure that they give the best service and treatment regarding any of your dental requirements. From check-ups to polishes and root canal to extraction, they will give you a number one service.

A regular dental check-up is important as it will help you in the fight against tooth decay so that you can avoid missing teeth and unhealthy gums.  You should ensure that you visit a dentist or dental professional at least every six months. There are two parts to a dentist visit, a check up and the cleaning. At a dental check up, the dental professional will check whether you have any cavities. You may need to have an x-ray. The dentist will also check for a build up of plaque or tartar. Plaque is a clear sticky layer that is made up of food particles which then become bacteria. If it does not get removed it will become harder and harder until it becomes tartar which can cause diseases of the mouth and teeth.

The dentist will also check for gum disease which is checked with a special tool. That tool measures the depth of the spaces in the gums. Healthy gums will have shallow spaces and unhealthy ones will have deeper spaces. This tool will check which are applicable to your gums. The examination should also include your head, neck, tongue, throat and face and should check for any issues such as redness or swelling which can be signs of cancer and other dangerous illnesses.

The next step is also very beneficial for you and will include brushing and flossing. This should remove the bacteria built up in hard to reach areas and will also include scaling. Scaling is using a professional tool to remove any built-up tartar. After this descaling of the teeth it is then likely that they will be polished by the dentist or dental nurse. A gritty paste will be used to do this as this helps to remove any stains that can be found on your teeth.

The next and final stage is flossing, this removes any particles that have got trapped in between teeth and may not even be visible or touchable. The floss will see to them. So, now that the dentist has worked their magic what can you do to help maintain healthy teeth.

Well you need to take care of them by brushing and flossing regularly. Electric tooth brushes are recommended as they can help you reach those out of reach areas. Also make sure you use toothpaste with high fluoride content as this will help. Also use a mouthwash after you have brushed as this will help control the build up of bacteria and plaque.

Also make sure that you attend appointments frequently, every six months as the dentist will keep abreast of your general oral health and will also keep your teeth and gums in check and give you invaluable advice.


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