Why Companies Should Invest in File-Sharing Solutions

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Regardless of an organization’s industry, file sharing, collaboration, and good communication are crucial for smooth processes in the workplace. U.S businesses spend over $350 billion on computer printing every year, even though the average employee wastes eight hours every week managing paperwork.  

However, with the current technological advancement, your business doesn’t have to spend all that money and waste all those hours managing paperwork when all this can be done online. Here are a few benefits of investing in file-sharing solutions for your company.

To Streamline Project Management

When file sharing is done among employees, managers can monitor staff progress and make amendments to ensure everything is done correctly and on time. Since the documents, files and data are stored in one place, it’s easier for you to review your team’s progress and help where necessary. That also means employees can look out for each other and offer help when colleagues need it to ensure everyone is managing their load correctly. 

If an employee appears to be struggling, you can contact them through the communications platforms provided and address the problem. This ensures that everyone is productive and engaged and that projects are completed on time.

Increase Business Security

Secure files and links are critical in any organization as they help lower the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive information. Even if criminals reach your system, role-based access permissions can build natural break walls that limit the amount of information they can access. One of the best ways to safely share large files among teams is using services like WeTransfer security. Those systems allow you to keep your files secure by creating a unique link sent to you and your team. So if you’re asking, “Is WeTransfer Safe?” you have the answer.

Reduce Company Costs

Companies spend a lot of money creating documents, printing, and storing them. Some companies need to employ someone to arrange and keep all these documents organized for easier retrieval. However, with advanced technology, you don’t have to store physical files. 

No matter how large your files are, there are file-sharing sites that allow you to send large files. For instance, WeTransfer allows you to send up to 200GB of files and store up to 1 TB.

Satisfy Ethical and Legal Obligations

It’s your responsibility to protect your employees’ and clients’ confidential information. Apart from keeping these files away from the wrong hands, you must ensure they don’t get lost by creating backups. That means even if your company’s servers crash or your laptop breaks down, you can retrieve all the stored files and transfer them to your new computer.

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