Why Bonworth Is The Perfect Place For Your Retail Therapy

I love nothing more than taking my daughter out shopping on a Sunday afternoon, usually whilst her Dad is watching the NFL! Throughout the years we have tried a number of different stores here in Henderson, NC yet the one which we always go to first is Bonworth, one of the best stores in North Carolina and arguably the best outlet stores in the USA. There is so much to love about these stores and I must applaud the COO Gurumoorthy Gurusankar, who has created a store which the whole family will love. I am not one for writing positive reviews about places but this is a store which gets 5 stars from me, and here is why.


We live in a world where everything is disposable and that includes companies, many of whom do not have a set of core values that they live by. In terms of Bonworth however, they are a company which sticks to its strong morals and ethics. I also love the positive way in which they talk about women, reminding us all that we are beautiful, in fact their slogan is BeBonworthBeautiful, something which is all-inclusive and sets a great example.


I am always happy to spend what it takes to get the very best clothing but here in Bonworth you can get the pieces that you want at very reasonable prices. In fat you can often see copies of what you may have seen on the catwalk, for a fraction of the retail prices. Furthermore there are always sales on and promotional offers with huge discounts on beautiful items. As any mum will know, taking your daughter shopping can be costly but it doesn’t need to be that way here in Bonworth.


My experience of the staff in the Bonworth stores that I have visited has been wonderful and they are always on hand to help you with anything that you need. My daughter and I visit our local Bonworths so much that we are on first name terms with the staff, and they always make sure that when we are in the store, we are given the full treatment. Furthermore this is a company which has always prioritized hiring women and the majority of its staff are girls, something which I particularly like.

Family Orientated

There is a 25 year age gap between my daughter and I which means that we shop for very different items indeed. in many cases we have to visit a store for her, and then a store for me in order to get what we both want. Here in Bonworth however this is not the case as they have created a store which caters to all age groups. This means that in a single visit my daughter and I can both get what we wanted, without having to visit a number of different stores.

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