In the past six years, the Lincoln Motor Company has been staging a remarkable comeback, with new nameplates and design overhauls creating a brand new generation of Lincoln vehicles that offer the best that America has to offer in terms of luxury, performance and aesthetics. 

With the company now well into its 2019 model year, the energy shows no signs of stopping, and for customers in large markets like the Greater Toronto Area who drive into Colony Lincoln to find out what the latest offerings look like, it can be hard to choose which exciting new Lincoln car is best.

If you’re looking to buy a brand new Lincoln vehicle this year, here is a breakdown of the three most popular Lincolns on the road to help you choose the one that is right for you. 

Lincoln Navigator

Since Lincoln unveiled its all-new design for its full-size Navigator SUV, fans have been going wild. The Navigator offers everything a person could want from a full-size SUV — and more. The cabin is outfitted with sumptuous materials reminiscent of the style and class of the fifties and sixties while being unquestionably modern in its amenities and functionality, and drivers stepping into the cockpit may feel more like they are piloting a ship than driving a car.    

But the Navigator isn’t just pretty to look at; its massive size and superior engineering (below the hood, you’ll find an engine similar to the one that powers Ford’s high performance off-road Ranger pickup) mean that it is also one of the quietest and smoothest rides that money can buy. 

If you need to ferry large numbers of passengers in style, the Navigator is unquestionably the car for you. 

Lincoln Nautilus 

The Nautilus is Lincoln’s midsize SUV, replacing the MKX. The 2019 Nautilus boasts a wide range of luxury features, including a richly appointed cabin and a 12-inch LCD digital instrument cluster that drivers can control using buttons on the steering wheel. 

In terms of its performance, the Nautilus offers two different engine options, both of which offer a decent amount of power, and its quiet cabin and eco-friendly tech make it one of the more environmentally friendly luxury SUVs in its class. If you are looking for a midsize SUV that offers great comfort, cool design, and an intuitive driving experience, the Nautilus is for you.  

Lincoln Continental 

When the completely re-imagined Lincoln Continental made its first appearance in 2016, it confirmed for many auto fans that Lincoln was, indeed, back. The tenth generation of this iconic car offers style and grace that hearken back to the nameplate’s heyday while also providing a driving experience that couldn’t be more modern. 

If you are a fan of classic luxury sedans who wants to travel with all the latest luxury comforts and cutting-edge tech on the market, the 2019 Continental is a revelation. 

When you buy a Lincoln, you’re buying more than a new vehicle — you’re buying a way of life. Choosing between the fine Lincoln SUVs on offer means finding the one that best suits your personality and lifestyle. 

But whether you get behind the wheel of the powerful Nautilus, the sleek Continental, or the capacious Navigator, one thing is certain: when you buy Lincoln, you’re getting a car that will fit your life for years to come. 


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