What You Need to Know About the Americans With Disabilities Act


Would your business survive if you had to pay heavy fines to the government? Most businesses aren’t prepared for a huge financial hit like that. Unfortunately, your business may have to pay steep fines if you don’t take action to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

The ADA is a federal civil rights law. It’s designed to ensure that people with physical and mental disabilities have the same access as everyone else. Businesses that are able to make accommodations for disabled people are required to make those modifications.

In the article below, you’ll find a list of things that every business owner needs to know about the Americans with Disabilities Act. Knowing the rules around this law will help your business avoid fines and potential lawsuits. Read on to learn more about ADA compliance.

Your Business May Have to Make Changes to the Physical Location

If your business has a physical location or office, you may be required to make sure that the building accessibility is ADA compliant. This means that you could be required to add handicap parking spaces and wheelchair ramps.

You may also have to add office signs in braille around your business and allow service animals to enter your business. If you don’t make these changes, you could be sued. Luckily, these lawsuits are totally preventable.

If your business is in a building that you don’t have any control over, you may be able to avoid having to add handicap-accessible entrances. For example, businesses that are located inside malls don’t usually have to make these types of business accommodations.

Your Website Also Has to Be ADA Compliant

Even businesses that don’t have physical locations have to comply with ADA rules. The ADA act requires every business website to be ADA compliant. That means that your website must have captions on its videos and images. Your website should also have downloadable PDFs.

People with disabilities will be able to download these PDFs and get the information using their preferred communication method. It’s important to update your website to be ADA compliant because businesses can be sued over this issue.

Businesses Need to Pay Attention to Title I and Title III

The Title I clause of the ADA focuses on the business’ employees. Businesses have to make sure their hiring process does not discriminate against disabled people.

Title I also requires businesses to make accommodations for any employees who are disabled in some way. Title III of the ADA focuses on customers. This clause of the ADA is designed to ensure customers of all ability levels have access to the businesses they need to go to.

Reviewing the Rules of the Americans With Disabilities Act

The tips in this article should help you steer clear of any issues related to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Be sure to read up on Title I and Title III to find out which rules apply to your business. You can learn more about best practices for business owners by reading all the articles on this site.

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