Underrated in the Great White North: cool things to see and do in Canada

With soaring mountains, wide open spaces, and a culture all its own, it’s no wonder Canada has attracted an increasing amount of attention from travelers in recent years.

Combine the above with a currency which has been weaker than in previous years, and there are plenty of reasons to plan a visit to the Great White North in the winter or summer.

If you are looking to hit up more than the well-known attractions, though, know there are more sights to see than what is advertised by tourism boards or Lonely Planet.

In every corner of this country, there are amazing secrets hidden of which only locals and travelers in the know are aware.

While these activities are intended to ignite excitement in your holiday, there will inevitably be days where things will be more laid back.

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On other days, though, there will be plenty of opportunities to explore all the wonderfully weird things which make Canada an awesome place to visit and live.

Below, we’ll share a few of our favorites…

1) Buy a classic book from a unique vending machine in Toronto

Canada’s largest city has plenty of star attractions, but if you have a bit of extra time and you love reading, take a side trip to The Monkey’s Paw.

While the store itself is notable for its eclectic collection of rare and old books, its star attraction is the Biblio-Mat.

An opaque vending machine, it dispenses a random book to customers for the princely sum of $2. If you are looking for something completely different to read, give it a shot.

2) Sleep in a Free Spirit Sphere on Vancouver Island

Want to feel the new age and hippie spirit that pervades much of Vancouver Island? Resolve to spend at least one night in a Free Spirit Sphere.

Suspended from the massive cedars which grow in abundance near the resort town of Qualicum Beach,  getting in a restful night’s sleep in these amazing structures is a fantastic way to realize your childhood tree house fantasies.

3) Discover the world’s only ‘gopher hole’ museum

If you are looking to take a trip into the realm of the surreal, make a pilgrimage to the village of Torrington, Alberta.

Despite being called the Gopher Hole Museum, the stuffed rodents within are actually Richardson Ground Squirrels, but the charm of the place lies in how they are used.

Throughout the building, you’ll find different scenes where the ‘gophers’ are made to depict everyday life on the Prairies.

Dressed up like people, you might be amused or weirded out, but you definitely won’t be bored during your time here.


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