Women love to look stylish, sophisticated and elegant. Wearing well-fitting tops makes a woman look casual compared to traditional blouses and dresses. Stylish tops for women make them look attractive and confident. Women must choose tops that fit them perfectly and enhance their appearance.

Stores have several tops for women in a range of colors and designs. Women must find out what style suits them, depending on their body type and how they want to present themselves in front of others. Women’s clothes speak a lot about them, and they must select the right tops. However, it is a challenging task because of the large number of options available.

Types of tops


Boxy tops are loose-fitting tops that have a cropped hemline and box-like shape. They are made of thick fabrics like cotton or denim and look good on petite women and rectangular bodies. They are worn for casual occasions.


Blouson tops have a cinched waistline and loose shape. These tops for women appear extra full when they are made of light materials and have a drawstring or elastic. They suit women with apple-shaped bodies and help them to hide the bulges in the waist area.

Crop top

The crop tops for women are blouses with cropped length. It covers the upper body, reveals the stomach, waist and navel, attracts attention to the midsection and is a symbol of sexuality. Women wear them with high-waisted pants to look stylish.

Bralette top

A bralette top resembles a bralette bra and combines a crop top and bra. It is made of sheer fabrics like lace and worn separately or under a cardigan or blazer. Women who want to expose their skin wear it.

Camisole top

A camisole top is a sleeveless fitted top with spaghetti straps. They are generally worn under dresses or shirts. They are versatile tops made from fabrics like satin, lace or velvet. Women pair them with low-cut blouses and sheer tops.

Tank tops

Tank tops for women are usually sleeveless, and the fit depends on the style and pattern. The straps of this top are large, and women wear them with pajamas in the summer. They are made of thicker materials like polyester, cotton or a blend of both.

Halter top

A halter top is a top that is tied around the neck. It is sleeveless but has a narrow band across the neckline. It covers the upper body but leaves the shoulders and back bare. Women who plan to have a capsule wardrobe must invest in a halter top because they are sexy and comfortable.

Tube top

Tube tops are tight-fitting, strapless, sleeveless tops made of stretchy material. They leave the shoulders completely bare. These tops look like an elongated band of material wrapped around the chest and partially cover the lower half of the body.

Maxi top

Maxi tops are long tops for women that often fall on the ankles. Generally, they are made of light and airy fabrics and offer a casual or dressy appearance. They have slits on either side to help women wear them and walk easily.

Other popular tops for women include asymmetrical tops, bodysuit tops, bikini tops, corset tops and off-shoulder tops. Most women have different types of tops in their wardrobes, and each type has its own benefits and drawbacks. Women must choose the right style top for their body type. It makes women look good and keeps them comfortable.

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