Top Tips for First Time Backpackers

top backpacking tips

Are you getting ready to go backpacking for the first time? This can be an exciting but also nerve-wracking time. Whether you are taking a gap year after university or simply just taking a well-deserved break from your career, backpacking is unlike any other experience and you should plan it out well in advance to ensure you are not worrying on your trip. However, there is no need to fret as we have come up with a list of top tips for first time backpackers that you should read before you jet off. 

Pack Light 

One of the biggest problems that many people face when the time approaches for them to go leave to go backpacking is packing light. As a backpacker you will want to make sure that you beat the airline baggage charges but it is also important that you still take all of the essentials with you and pack sensibly. Items such as clothing can be washed while you are away and toiletries can be purchased abroad, so these should be items that are limited in your baggage to make room for other essentials that you won’t be able to find as easily abroad. 

Save Money on Attractions 

If you speak to those who have previously been backpacking, most will tell you that your money will start to disappear a lot faster than you may have previously anticipated! However, there are plenty of ways in which you can save money while still visiting the top attractions. This could be visiting places that offer off-peak hours that are cheaper or free, using your student discount or even trying to offset some costs by taking certain items with you. 

For example, if you are travelling through East Asia, areas such as Hanoi in Vietnam are famous destinations for viewing the city from a kayak, as well as many other destinations throughout Eastern Asia. Instead of paying for transport around these cities or paying to hire a kayak, you can instead take with you an inflatable kayak. These kayaks are designed for those who have limited space as they can be folded down to fit inside your backpack and you can find the very best inflatable kayaks in this guide: 

Save Money Eating Local Food 

One of the best things about backpacking is being able to immerse yourself in the local culture and this includes experiencing the amazing food that it has to offer. Eating out in lots of expensive restaurants can quickly eat into your budget and so instead why not try out interesting items from the local supermarkets and sample street food.

Talk to Everyone 

It can be easy for backpackers to fall into the trap of only speaking with fellow backpackers who speak the same language that they do. However, this can really limit your experience and you can learn a lot from other travellers who speak different languages to you and also from speaking to the locals who live there. This way you can find out lots of cool things that you may otherwise not have known such as the best restaurants with the cheapest food and where the best parties in town are. 

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