Top Five Benefits of Growing Weed Indoors

Growing marijuana at home is a great way to get into the millennial gardening trend while also saving you money and supplying your habit.

If you’ve considered this in the past, you may have put it out of your mind due to your lack of a yard. We get it, people in apartments or shared spaces don’t want to have their marijuana on display!

Believe it or not, growing weed indoors is actually a better option for most people. Unless the weather is ideal year-round, you’ll have more success with a consistent indoor growth cycle.

Don’t believe us? Let’s talk about it.

1. No Nosy Neighbors

Even if you have a yard to yourself to form your own marijuana garden, neighbors or strangers might still want to take a peek.

Depending on the regulations in your area, these people could end up reporting you, or worse, they might try to steal some of your plants! At the very least, you might find yourself with neighbors asking you questions or asking for some of your cannabis when you’re done growing.

Avoid the issue. Plant Indoors.

2. You Control the Water

Cannabis plants have varying water needs depending on their stage of growth. While they’re capable of growing with outdoor rain conditions in the average climate and you can add supplemental water to your plants, you don’t have much control.

When you’re growing marijuana indoors, you can experiment and find out what amount of water is working best for your cannabis plants.

3. Pests? No Problem

Anyone who’s ever gardened before knows the pesky outdoor friends that “the great outdoors” can bring to your plants.

There are bugs and animals that want to chew on your precious plants. You can get pest deterrents, but these can harm your plants and make them unsafe.

There are still pests indoors, but you have more control over the environment.

4. Even Light Distribution

When you’re at the mercy of the weather, getting the right light distribution on your plants isn’t easy. Cannabis plants benefit from different amounts of sunlight depending on their stage of growth, meaning that even with perfect weather you may not be getting ideal light levels.

Growing cannabis indoors isn’t effortless. You do need to manage the light in the right way to get a good yield. You can take out some of the guesswork with grow boxes. They manage the light (as well as a few other factors) so you don’t have to. For more info on how they can help tricky growing, view here.

5. No Environmental Hazards

What happens if there’s a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, or even a windstorm in your area while you’re trying to grow your plants?

While the environment is plant-friendly, you have specific goals in mind for these plants. It’s no different than building a greenhouse for important fruits and vegetables. Bring them indoors to keep them safe.

Growing Weed Indoors Is the Winner

If you live in a perfect climate with no natural disasters or bugs, growing your marijuana outdoors might be okay. If you’re like the rest of us, growing weed indoors is the clear winner between the two.

It’s never been easier to grow your own cannabis. Do you want to give it a try?

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