Things You Should Know Before Getting a Realist Tattoo


If you wanted to know what is a realism tattoo, the first thing you have to do is understand the different styles. These styles include portraiture, color realism, and hyper-realism design. It is better to discuss preferences and pain tolerance with your artist.


If you’re considering a realism tattoo, you might want to think about portraiture. While it’s a subset of realism, portraiture has its distinct advantages. Compared to other types of tattoos, portraiture involves much more time, requires a specific skill set, and demands a connection to the subject’s mind. For example, a realistic black and gray piece may take up to three hours to complete. In addition, while portraiture is often highly artistic, it can be incredibly stressful on the body and drastically cut into work-life balance. Realism tattoos are also great for those who want a unique design to commemorate a special event. For instance, you can get a portrait of yourself or your loved one inked on your arm or shoulder.


These tattoos require multiple sittings and are more expensive than many other styles. It would help if you planned accordingly to avoid unexpected costs and ensure you have enough time to complete the tattoo. These tattoos can be very eye-catching and require many sessions to achieve a high-quality finish. Finally, it requires a lot of time, so make sure to block out enough time to get a tattoo that you will enjoy for many years.

Realism tattoos are photo-quality and look like photographs transferred to the skin. Because the tattoos are not surreal, they lack surreal elements. A renowned artist should do a realistic tattoo with experience and a passion for art. Whether you get a portrait or a thigh tattoo, research your artist before making a final decision.

Realism tattoos may be too painful for you if you have a high pain threshold or a low tolerance. Some people have been known to fall asleep during the tattoo process, so you must ensure you are comfortable sitting through several sessions. The length of each session can vary, so discuss your expectations with the artist before you make the final decision. If you have low pain tolerance, you should consider booking separate sessions.

Color Realism

Color realism is an increasingly popular type of tattoo and lends itself well to images of the natural world. For instance, landscapes and flowers are both beautiful subjects for this style. It requires a high level of artistic skill. This can be very expensive if you want a realistic tattoo, and you’ll need multiple sessions to complete one. Fortunately, this style is becoming more popular with tattoo lovers. 

Realism tattoos use gradual shading and layering to produce a realistic look. This makes the image lifelike and practical without the need for defined outline lines. Because realism tattoos use so many different techniques, they can be particularly complicated to complete. That means you should be very patient and have exceptional talent.

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