The Main Types of Boats: A Buyer’s Guide

If you want to purchase a boat, you have several different options to choose from. This guide covers the common types of boats.

Exploring the open waters and admiring the scenery is a memorable experience. But before you go shopping, there are a few things that you should learn about. For example: what kinds of boats are there?

If you are looking for a buyer’s guide to boat types, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn about the different types of boats and what you should look for.

Fishing Boats

The first type is the open fishing boat which is great for saltwater fishing. It has an open deck that allows for easy access to the water and plenty of space to move around.

The second type is the pontoon fishing boat which is a good choice for freshwater fishing. It has a lot of deck space for fishing and relaxing. With one of these you’ll be living your dreaming running Costa Rica fishing charters in no time if that’s what you so desire.

The third type is the inflatable fishing boat which is a good option for fishing in small ponds or streams. 

Inflatable Boats

There are three main types of inflatable boats: rafts, pontoon boats, and kayaks.

Rafts are the simplest type of inflatable boat, and are great for fishing or floating downstream. Pontoon boats are slightly more advanced and are great for pleasure cruising or fishing on calm waters. Kayaks are the most advanced type of inflatable boat and are great for exploring or fishing in rougher waters.

Canoes and Kayaks

Canoes are typically larger than kayaks and can seat up to four people. They are stable and easy to paddle, making them ideal for beginners. They are also great for fishing and camping trips as they can easily carry all your gear.

Kayaks are smaller and more maneuverable than canoes and are perfect for solo paddlers. They are available in sit-in and sit-on-top designs, and many of them now have built-in fishing accessories such as rod holders and live wells.


Catamarans are a type of boat that has a two-hulled boat that is stable and easy to handle. They are perfect for beginners or those who want a leisurely sailing experience.

Keelboats are the most popular type of sailboat. They are easy to maneuver and can be sailed in a variety of conditions.

If you are looking for a boat that is designed for speed and is perfect for racing or those who want an adrenaline-pumping sailing experience, mithulls are the best option.


There are three main types of powerboats: inboards, outboards, and stern drives.

Inboards have the engine in the hull, while outboards and stern drives have the engine mounted on the transom (back) of the boat.

Outboards and sterndrives are the most common type of powerboat and are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. There are also a number of specialty powerboats, such as jet boats and pontoon boats.

The Freedom Boat Club can help you choose the best boats for you to have the best boating experience.

How to Determine Which Types of Boats are Right For You

There are a few key things to consider when finding the types of boats that are right for you, such as your budget, what you’ll be using the boat for, and how experienced you are.

No matter what type of boat you’re interested in, it’s important to consult with a professional to figure out what size and style are right for you. 

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