Sober & Scar-Free: How to Heal Your Psyche & Appearance


Leaving addiction behind is one of the most difficult things a person can do. In addition to that, the physical and psychological scars that are left behind after prolonged substance abuse can make it hard to feel truly healed.

While the toll addiction takes on both the body and mind may not be completely reversible, you can get back to feeling beautiful—inside and out. 

Now that you are sober, it’s time to heal your scars. Then, you will not only feel more comfortable in your skin but renewed and ready to tackle whatever recovery brings your way:

  • Breathe New Life into Your Body:

Sobriety is a time to start fresh! Your physical appearance is one area you have some control over, so why not strengthen your confidence by feeling better about the way you look?

  • Start With Your Smile

Methamphetamines and other drugs can be highly damaging to your dental health. If your teeth were neglected due to prolonged drug abuse, it is time to start taking care of them again so you can smile with confidence. See a trusted dentist for a smile makeover, brush and floss daily, and eat a balanced diet. You’ll be beaming in no time!

  • Fix Up Your Face

If you are in recovery and have scars or other visible damage from drug abuse, you may want to consider cosmetic surgery or nonsurgical treatments to help improve your appearance. Talk to a board-certified facial plastic surgeon about what procedures are available to you. After you erase the evidence of your most difficult years, you can leave them behind more easily!

  • Get Your Heart Going

A little exercise can go a long way to making you look refreshed and healthy. Not only that but exercise releases endorphins, which have mood-boosting effects. Exercising during addiction recovery can help improve your ability to detox both physically and emotionally—enhancing your appearance, energy levels, sleep quality, and overall outlook on life!

  • Dress For Success

Since sobriety is a time to start fresh, why not freshen up your closet? Often, old clothing can cause you to feel like the same person you were when you were using. New clothes can help you feel like the new, improved person you are becoming!

  • Heal From the Inside Out:

To truly heal the scars of your addiction, you will need to look within and set a healthy subconscious foundation. Lightening your mental load will allow you to start fresh and rebuild your life from the ground up!

  • See a Therapist

If you are in recovery, odds are you have some unresolved trauma from your time using drugs. Therapy can be an incredibly effective way to work through this trauma and start to heal the psychological scars that addiction has left behind. Find a therapist you trust and feel comfortable talking to about what has been weighing heavy on your mind. If you are not sure where to start, ask your doctor for a referral!

  • Take Supplements 

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, substance abuse can lead to deficiencies in vitamins and minerals that are essential to normal brain function. If you are in recovery, taking supplements can help replenish the nutrients your body has lost due to drug abuse and improve your overall health. You can also buy a supplement that repairs brain connections, improves cognitive responses, and increases neuroplasticity!

  • Sleep Soundly

Sleep is crucial for both physical and mental health. If you are in recovery, make sure you are getting enough rest so your body can heal and your brain can detoxify itself properly. That way, you can wake up feeling refreshed, feel ready to face the day, and focus on rebuilding your life. A sleep deficit makes it harder to stay sober, sort through troubling thoughts, and adjust to a new lifestyle!

  • Make Amends

One of the most important things you can do for your mental health in recovery is to make amends for any harm you may have caused during your darkest hours. This can certainly be difficult—but is essential if you want to start fresh and move forward with a clear conscience!

Sit down with the people you have hurt and apologize for what you have done. If they are willing to forgive you, let go of the resentment and anger you are carrying around and focus on the future. If they are not, that is okay too! What’s important is that you have taken responsibility for your actions and are working to make things right.

Sobriety is possible, and so is healing the scars of addiction. With time and effort, you can start to feel like yourself again—sober and scar-free! A fresh start is waiting for you on the other side.

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