Planning a Road Trip? Try Old Military Road A93 & A939 in Scotland

If you’re looking for a cool road trip, look no further than The Old Military Road A93 & A939 in Scotland! This epic stretch of road covers a distance of 73.3 miles and can be done while driving at an average speed in just under two hours. That said, don’t waste this drive and make some stops along the way, pull over and take shots and stop at some great sights. A few points of interest include anywhere that catches your eye in Cairngorms National Park, Balmoral Castle and Lecht Ski School.

I will tell you this, I wouldn’t miss the castle. This infographic was put together by our friends at Yourparkingspace. So now my question to you after seeing the infographic is this, which route would you take first? I’d tell you mine but you already know as I’ve chosen this and you can be sure that Balmoral Castle will be an included stop.

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