Top 5 Common Mac Issues Resolved


Is your Mac starting to show issues that you haven’t encountered before? Unfortunately, it is a common thing for an aged Mac to start showing issues. Fortunately, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to learn about five common Mac issues and how to resolve them. Hopefully, you won’t get caught off guard by some issues that your Mac may be having in the future.

Startup issues

Let’s start with a very common issue that Mac users have, which is startup issues. This kind of issue involves slow boot or even straight-up fail boot. When this issue happens, you will see a blank screen or gray start-up screen instead of the usual desktop screen. When the startup is really slow, you are forced to stare at nothing for up to several minutes or even more. And when the startup fails, you have no choice but to let the startup process restarts itself.

Usually, the solution to startup issues is using the Safe Mode. Safe Mode is designed to start up your Mac with only the bare minimum features of software and drivers required to start. In Safe Mode, you can run diagnosis, a check of your startup disk, and a repair process. You can enter Safe Mode by turning on your Mac and then pressing and holding the Shift key. Release the Shift key after the Apple logo disappears. If you are still having startup issues (they can be tough to deal with), feel free to check out Mac repairs in Barnstaple.

Unresponsive apps

There is nothing more annoying than seeing one or more apps running slowly, especially when you have something important to do. Even worse, when an app is completely frozen, and you can’t do anything about it but force closing the app. The fact is, using the Force Quit button is often the solution to this kind of issue. Simply highlight the unresponsive app and hit the Force Quit button. You can close multiple apps using the same feature by pressing and holding down the Command or Shift keys when selecting the apps.

Battery drainage

Battery drainage is a common issue among Mac users. If you notice that your battery is draining faster than usual, you should do something immediately before the issue gets worse. For example, you don’t want your Mac to power down while you are working. First, reset Power Management and restart your Mac. Do this by pressing and holding down the Shift + Control + Option buttons. Release the buttons to boot your Mac. Restarting SMC might help here as well.

No internet connection

Another annoying issue that can hinder your productivity is no internet connection issue. This kind of issue could happen out of nowhere when you least expect it. So learning the solution could save you a lot of time and prevent you from panicking. First thing first, the problem may be the internet connection itself. So check out if you can connect to the internet using a different device.

If you can browse the internet using other devices, that means the problem is with your Mac. Now, go to the Network page located in System Preferences, and click Advanced. Next, you will see a list of Preferred Networks. This list consists of your Wi-Fi connections in the past, and your Mac remembers all of them. Click the “-” button and remove the problematic Wi-Fi network. Now try to connect to the same Wi-Fi connection by typing in the username and password again.

Consistent beachball

Consistent beachball is a pretty common issue, especially with older Mac models. Sometimes, your pointer may turn into a spinning beach ball because your Mac needs some time to think. It is common and not an issue at all. But, if the spinning beach ball keeps showing up, then it can be really annoying. Something must be preventing your Mac from working properly.

First, press Cmd+ to cancel any process that occupies your Mac. If the issue still persists, switch to Finder by pressing Option+Tab as an alternative. If the app still doesn’t recover, then it may be best to just force quit it. Next, open your Activity Monitor and see which apps are taking a lot of resources from your Mac. Close these apps if you find them, so you can use your Mac again.


These common problems can be a pain but shouldn’t be too much to handle as long as you know how to solve them or where to get professional help. It can help you a lot to do regular maintenance as well.

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