How to Avoid the Most Common Instagram Marketing Mistakes at All Costs


Did you know that more than 2 billion people worldwide use Instagram each month?

Instagram is a social media platform, linked to Facebook, where users can post videos and photos.

Since the app has taken off and become popular, it has also been an excellent resource for people trying to sell products and services. If you’re getting a new account going, visit Twicsy where you can buy Instagram followers for your account at reasonable rates.

Continue reading to learn about some of the most common marketing mistakes that people make on Instagram so that you can avoid them!

Not Knowing How to Navigate

One of the worst marketing mistakes that you can make on Instagram is not knowing how to navigate the program.

Many features are included with Instagram to make picture taking and editing to another level. If you don’t know how to navigate the program, it can be difficult to measure social media metrics and gain attraction.

If you aren’t familiar with this application, take time to conduct research and get more comfortable.

Skipping Hashtags

Instagram marketing metrics don’t increase on their own, and on Instagram, hashtags are a major contributor.

Each hashtag that you connect to your photos and videos will link it with other people using that same hashtag. This means that if people are sharing a hashtag with summer styles, you can see content from all over the globe.

When someone has an interest in a topic, service, or industry, they can look up keywords used in your hashtags. This will make your page more relevant, you will reach a broader audience, and increase your followers.

Posting Dull Content

If you don’t have killer content, you are likely to get lost in the sea of hashtags and posts on Instagram.

Paying attention to trends, current events, and community interests will help you get the best content. Try to post content that is original and provides a different perspective. Adding a unique spin to your posts can bring viewers back to your page.

Many people recommend Exploration pages on social media to discover topics and hashtags.

Ghosting Your Audience

Another mistake that businesses and online influencers make is ghosting their audience.

No matter what type of content you are sharing, you need to connect with your audience. When people try to reach out to you, make sure that you respond promptly. This shows them that you take your company seriously and want to provide the best experience possible.

You can check out more here to find ways to increase interaction. Replying to messages and comments, however, is the best place to start. If you know that you won’t be able to make a post for some time, let your audience know so that they don’t think you left them hanging.

Ignoring Keywords

Have you ever heard of search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is a marketing tactic that companies use to increase followers. By using specific keywords and phrases, you can make your content more relevant and appear at the top of search engines, such as Google.

Ignoring keywords is a mistake business make because they don’t understand their importance. You can search keywords for specific topics that you can include in your content. This will make all of your marketing tactics more beneficial.

Having a Blank Bio

Some people don’t even realize it, but there is a spot for Instagram users and businesses to include a bio.

Underneath the profile name, there is a section that you can customize. Use this space to give a brief explanation of your business, values, and mission. Having a bio will help make your company look more professional and provide more information to interested viewers.

You can share information about your business hours, location, and website within your Instagram bio. Since there is limited space and content that you can post on this platform, you should utilize everything you have.

Poor Image Selection

Have you ever gone to a website or Instagram page and seen poor images?

Blurry photos and random picture selection can make your Instagram page look unprofessional. Make sure that you are using a good camera and have photos sized to the correct dimensions.

Avoid getting images off of anywhere on the web. You must post original content or the site where you pulled other content from. Most people do this by resharing a post by another person.

Carefully select the photos that you post and try not to post too many of the same pose, thing, or about the same topics.

Taking Too Long

If your audience has no idea when your next post will be, you need to make some changes.

Making infrequent posts and not posting enough is a common mistake that businesses make. When you create your Instagram account, you should set a goal at that moment for how many posts you want to make. Whether you base the number of posts on a weekly or monthly basis, make sure you are doing your best to reach it.

On the other end of the spectrum, however, you can make too many posts. Do your best to best consistent with your posts. Many people recommend making certain days of the week dedicated to a specific topic.

Are You Making These Marketing Mistakes?

If you are new to Instagram but know how useful it can be for business, you need to pay attention to the common marketing mistakes.

Instagram can be a powerful resource if you know how to use it and interact with your audience. Using hashtags and high-quality photos will draw attention to your page, but without excellent content, they will leave.

Communicate with your viewers as much as possible and ensure consistency between timing and quality of posts.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about innovative marketing tactics and how to use social media for success!

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